2015: a new direction and goals

Hey Everyone! I can’t believe January is almost over! I realized that I have neglected this site and pushed it to the bottom of my to do list.

I would be lying if I said I’ve been working hard on ideas and posts. It’s always a thought in the back of my mind…however life has gotten in the way. I post updates here and there (as you may or may not have read), but overall, my contributions to this blog have dwindled significantly.

I planned on starting out 2015 with a BANG! Clearly that didn’t happen. When I do think about how I want to build my site, I begin to think about changes I want to make and what direction I want to go.

More recently, with the stresses and pressures of life, I think about what makes me happy…and that it making and creating. I always say I don’t need a new year to make a resolution, but with one month closing and another one opening, I think this is a good time to stop being lazy and get things rolling! Let me share a few things that I know for sure will be change/new:

My blog title: More and more I revisit the title of my blog. I want it to be easy to remember, broad yet encompassing all that I am passionate about. I’ve decided to change the title to “Make, Create, and Appreciate” My passions in life are making and creating, and appreciating my life for all that I have. When I do my big “relaunch” I can elaborate more on why!

Introducing a new author! I’m super excited to bring my best friend aboard on this project! I will formally introduce everyone to Emily during the relaunch as well. Emily is going to be our entertainment director, anime expert, and mixologist! Again, SUPER excited to bring her on and have her knowledge and positive attitude!

Online shop?! Whaaaaaat! I know! This is a goal of mine to sell the creations I make. I’m thinking about opening an online shop…but more to come on that topic!


I’m tired of saying “what if” and I should write a post about this. I’m going to start doing instead of saying. My goal is to have the big relaunch at the end of February. Are you ready?! I am!!

Here’s to 2015!

Talk soon,