Hello and Welcome to Make, Create, and Appreciate! I consider myself a “young professional” who is sharing her life after college!

MCA is all about making the most of everything, creating things that you love, and appreciating your life!

I made a pretty painting of a volcano - DIY homemade hand painted (2)

I started this blog in 2014 and am constantly evolving my goals and content. I am always learning from my experiences, and I try and create something I would read. I look to life with a positive attitude and I don’t sweat the small stuff.

Blogging is not my day job, so I only post a handful of times a week (right now!). I’m a small personal blog that receives on average 1000 unique visits a month, but that number is always growing! I am slowing trying to find my groove on what works for me when it comes to “blogging organization.” It’s one of those things that started out SUPER organized…now I have no idea what’s going on. (Totally a lie, I know what’s going on, I am just not organized…yet!)


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My blog is ever evolving. I focus on making the most of your life, without breaking the bank. It doesn’t take the lottery to make you happy! My goal is to inspire you to lead a positive life full of adventure! Let’s appreciate the small stuff!

I'm Bored 2.0 and Memory Display

I like sharing easy DIY gifts! Especially if it involves recycling items that you already have or using the supplies in your closet!


Art journaling and scrapbooking are pretty fun! I enjoy this “unconventional” way of expressing our thoughts! If you’ve never tried it, we highly recommend it! You can read about our past pages here.

Homemade Doggie Treats

Occasionally, I dabble in homemade food. I don’t have very many recipes just yet, but feel free to read about the few that I do have.

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I love traveling on a budget! You can read about our travel adventures here!

I have a confession (Im stuck in 2005) music concert life (5)

My “staff” consists of only me, not to say I don’t have inspiration or help from my friends and family.

I’m always looking for collaborations. Have an idea? Email me at jenn.ruper@gmail.com!

Homemade DIY Home Decor Crafty Life Happy New Year 2016 Celebrate (6)

Homemade DIY Home Decor Crafty Life Happy New Year 2016 Celebrate (7)

My best friend and partner-in-crime is my Labrador Retriever JayJay! He’s my buddy when it comes to photo shoots and taste testing. You may have occasionally seen him in some post. You can read all about me here (well, maybe not ALL about me).

I made a pretty painting of paper planes - DIY homemade hand painted (2)

I cannot express how much you stopping by means to us, even if it’s just this once! Please feel free to leave a comment, explore our posts, or even try any of our ideas!

Our goal is to inspire you to appreciate everything you do!