Art Journal Vol. 9: More Fun with Project Life!

No matter how busy things get in my life, I always make sure I have time to journal at least once a week.
I’ve been getting a lot of re-pins from one of the blog entries that I pinned here from Becky Higgins creator of Project Life. I love the way this looks, so I decided to adopt it for my own.
I decided to used the Midnight Collection this page because of the color theme of my picture.
Here is the photo that I decided to use, it still is one of my favorite photos my dad too of me at a game (yes, I like football, and yes, I’m a Steelers fan).
The first thing I did was turn the photo into a 12 X 12 image in Photoshop. Then, I divided the image (still in Photoshop) into the corresponding slots in my design pocket. I then printed and cut the images if needed.
 I inserted the images in the slot. (I did step back and admire my work at this point)
Finally, I played around with the Midnight Collection until I found something that satisfied me. I wanted the image to be the focus of the page, so I only wanted to use one other insert.
I LOVE the way this turned out. I will be reading Becky Higgins Blog for more inspiration like this one!
Talk Soon,