Volume Eight

Art Journaling Vol. 8: 24 Things to do Before 25!

Yesterday was my birthday. Throughout my years of reading blogs, I take note of things that I like and want to try myself. A few months ago, I came across this idea on A Beautiful Mess that Elsie did for her birthday. Every year she made a list of things to do before her next birthday.
I decided to do the same things…but turn it into my art journal this week!
I had a lot of fun with this page!
The first thing I did though was make my list!
This was the hardest part! I thought it would be really easy coming up with 24 things to do this year, but nooooo! I had to enlist my friends for help!
Once I figured that out, it was time to journal!
I wanted it to be an interactive page! There are plenty of bows to undo and mini books to open.
Here is the list that I came up with:
1. Try Yoga
2. See a Volcano
3. Start a Tradition
4. Weekend Road Trip
5. Start a Garden
6. Quit Smoking
7. Fix my Car
8. Create a new Feature (on my blog)
9. “Do” Black Friday
10. Get a Haircut
11.Throw a Themed Party
12. Celebrate 1 year of Blogging
13. Paint my Apartment
14. Paint 5 Paintings
15. Go to a Football Game
16. Decorate for a Holiday
17. Document my Life More
18. Buy a New Camera
19. Sew a Dress
20. Read a Book on Greek Mythology
21. Run 5 miles without Stopping
22. Sell Something I made
23. Create the perfect Bar cart
24. Make Myself Happy
Hopefully, I can stick to this list! Stay tuned until next birthday to see how many I’ve accomplished!
Talk soon,