Bucket List Journal!

Make this fun journal to easily document those monumental occasions!

DIY Bucket List Journal Homemade Handmade Crafts (1)

I am a big endorser of making list of new things to try! Every year for my birthday, I make a list of things to do before my next birthday (## of things to do before ##).
When I was holiday shopping with a friend last year, I saw this awesome journal in a store and KNEW I had to make one of my own: Bucket List Journal!

Editor note: after writing this post I realized how a little more complicated this was to make! I found the journal at World Market! Don’t feel like tackling this somewhat complicated project, its only 20 bucks from the store!

DIY Bucket List Journal Homemade Handmade Crafts (2)

Here is what you will need:
Computer paper
Permanent Markers
Hole Punch
Printer with a scanner
Photo editing software (“paint will even work!)

Project Time: 2-3 hours
Project Difficulty: A little complicated…

Project budget: less than 10 dollars

DIY Bucket List Journal Homemade Handmade Crafts (8)

There are a few ways that you can tackle this project. No matter what – the first step is to draw your journal pages.

I created four different journal pages, a front page, end page, and the cover. It’d really up to you what you want to do for your journal pages, but here is the basic information you should include on each:

  • Date
  • What I did
  • Why it’s on my list
  • Who I was with
  • Where I was
  • Important Details
  • How I was feeling
  • Will/Would I do it again
  • Space for a photo

Feel free to add/subtract any of the above information!

With your computer paper in the landscape position, fold in half and create a crease. Design your layout to span the two sides. For example – if you can include half the questions on one side then the other half for the remainder of the questions. You can also have all the questions on one half (my handwriting is too big to do this!) and a space for your photo on the other half! It’s really up to you!


Once you have designed all your layouts, you’ll want to scan them into your computer. Here comes the tedious part, because you have to think about how the pages will be printed on your paper since we’ll want to print front and back.

I wanted to be able to journal at least 15 bucket list items – so I made a little “map” of how my images needed to be printed. The best way to think about this is similar to a book. The center of the book is one side of paper, but the back of the left page is the right of the prior page and the back of the right page is the left of the following page (are you still with me???).

Let’s draw it out!


The other think too it make you own map! I folded blank computer paper together, like a book, and labeled each page that corresponded with each layout (A1 is the left side, A2 is the right; repeat for B. C, and D – corresponding to my 4 layouts). I then took the book apart and drew out each page I needed to print.

Then I created the images in my computer that corresponded with what I had mapped out.

Print your images then assemble.

DIY Bucket List Journal Homemade Handmade Crafts (3)

Punch holes two inches from the top and bottom in the center of your assembled book.

DIY Bucket List Journal Homemade Handmade Crafts (5)

Thread yarn in the center of the book to hold it together. Tie in a knot or bow.

DIY Bucket List Journal Homemade Handmade Crafts (7)

Now schedule some bucket list items and write about it!

Like a noted at the beginning, as I was writing this post it was a little more complicated then I thought to explain. If you don’t want to attempt to make this journal it is for sale at World Market for $20.00 (click here!).

Talk soon,