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Thrifty Life: Six Dresses for under 20

I would like to think of myself as a thrifty person. One of the things I don’t like spending tons of money on is clothing. Not that I don’t like to treat myself here and there, but I really don’t like spending hundreds of dollars on my wardrobe. Here’s my dilemma: I LOVE clothes! I find myself in a catch twenty-two. How do I get the wardrobe I want and not spend my entire paycheck? Solution: second hand stores!


I started shopping at second hand stores when I was in high school. My first job was at Plato’s Closet, a teen resale clothing store. Working there made shopping for clothes so easy! I would usually shop after I got off work on days I didn’t close. Plus, I got a nice discount! After I quit there, I started working at a coffee shop so my outfits shifted to jeans and black polos. I worked there for YEARS so I didn’t deviate much. This was also my band t-shirt phase, so I wasn’t purchasing much clothing.

Finally, after graduating college and getting my first big girl job, I had to learn how to dress “business casual.” Being on limited funds (thank you student loans), I had to reteach myself how to dress nice inexpensively. I quickly found myself at home again in secondhand stores!


One of my favorite places to shop is the Village Discount Outlet. I found the best time to go is Saturday morning right when they open. It’s not crowded and they often have early bird discounts. The secret is the half-off colors of the day. I always make note of the colors as soon as I walk in that way when I am picking out clothing I stick to those color tags.

I also stick to a budget. I keep in mind how much I want to spend and once I have picked out enough clothing to hit that budget I stop and that’s when I head to the fitting room.

My last trip I wanted to stock up on dresses. My budget: $20. I was able to find six dress and still be within my budget! Here is what I scored:

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_13

Cost: $2.00

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_15

Cost: $2.50

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_16

Cost: $3.00

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_14

Cost: $2.00

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_12

Cost: $2.50

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_17

*Favorite!* Cost: $4.00

I was very pleased with my finds from my last trip! Remember to thoroughly wash the clothing before wearing! I think my next trip I’m going to try and score some jeans.

Do you have any tips to thrifty clothing shopping?? I would love to know!!

Talk soon,

New Flair Collection: Enamel Pins

I think I’m jumping on the flair band-wagon a little late, but at first I didn’t get it! I know that statement sounds a little weird. “What do you mean you don’t get it?! They are pretty!” Well, yes, they are, but I felt like I was still missing something.

Then it came to me! I actually started collecting enamel pins when I was younger…guitar shaped ones from different Hard Rock Cafes. I have over 25 pins from different Hard Rocks that either I have visited or my Papa Bear has visited on our travels. What if I got pins that signify different events in my life. That was my “ah ha!” moment.

Make Create and Appreciate Enamel Lapel Pin Collection Etsy Ban (1)

Heart Sunnies.

These heart shaped sunnies represent 2016 and how awesome of a year it has been. I can’t believe it is halfway over! I do wear glasses all the time and I thought this pin was a good representation of the saying “This is My Year!”

Here are the ones I am scouting to add to my collection next:

Make Create and Appreciate Enamel Lapel Pin Collection Etsy Ban (3)

1. Camper. 2. Badger. 3. Latte Heart. 4. Dream Machine. 5. Adventure Globe.

I won’t bore you with why I want each of these pins. Of course, my next purchase you will know about! There is a ton of space on my bag for more!

Make Create and Appreciate Enamel Lapel Pin Collection Etsy Ban (2)

What are some of your favorite websites to shop for pins? I’m obsessed now!

Talk soon,