Crafts Under 10: Postcard Travel Journal

Postcard Journal (1)

Hey everyone! Who loves to travel? I know I sure do!

One of the items I always get on my travels are postcards. I would always pick them up at every stop, and when I get home I would them them to my stash to forget about! I stumbled upon this post via Pinterst and through it would change it to work for me!

I decided to start with one trip where I knew what post cards I bought. I tried to lay them out in order, I had to force myself to accept that it won’t be perfect (one of things I’m working on!!).

Postcard Journal (2)

Next, I used to tape to adhere each “page” together, forming a little book. I used a hole punch on each page and used yarn to tie them all together.

Postcard Journal (3)

Finally, I tried to remember each day of the trip and journaled about it!

Postcard Journal (1)

I thought this was a fun project! Next major trip, I am going to be writing on the postcards while I’m traveling and then assembling them when I get home!

What about you?? How do you use your postcards?! #myMCAart

Talk soon,