Crochet 101: My adventures in learning to crochet!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to say that I can finally crochet!

Learning to crochet was on my crafting “To-Do” list, but I never got around to trying to teach myself. In early October, my mom and I decided to go to the open house at our local Jo-Ann’s and talk to the teacher of the crocheting class to find out more about it.

The benefit of going to Jo-Ann’s to shop for classes during the “open house” is all of the classes are half off (except for cake decorating). As a result of this, my mom and I decided to sign up for both “Crocheting 101” classes.

Crocheting 101: Basics
This class was great! There were only four of us in the classes and taught us how to chain, single, double, and triple crochet. We had enough time to learn a little about crocheting granny squares, but I was still trying to get down the basics.

Crocheting 101: Basics!
Crocheting 101: Basics!

Crocheting 101: Baby Cable Scarf
This class was a little more difficult. I was still a little frustrated with the basics, so I learned more about reading patterns rather than more advanced crocheting. Although, I was able to get past my frustrations after taking this class!

It was a super laid back atmosphere and there was even free supplies. (Thanks Lion’s Brand!) I strongly suggest taking a class! For the Basic 101 class we only paid $15 and, like I said, the supplies were included! So if you end up not sticking with it, you’ll only out $15 bucks!

My first "real" crocheting project!
My first “real” crocheting project!

I’m really excited now that I know the basics of crocheting. I’m excited to share the basics of what I learned in these classes as well as the many projects to come!

Talk Soon,