Explore Cleveland: Fire Truck Pizza Company

I love the concept of food trucks. I watch people eating at them on TV Shows, see pictures on Twitter or Instagram of the people I follow visiting them, or read about a new one that opened in my area. I had never had the opportunity to eat at one myself…until today!


The weather was beautiful (which is a shocker for North East Ohio) and my boyfriend, Pat, made the suggestion to go to the Hessler Street Fair in Uptown Cleveland. As we were walking into the enterence, there it was…Fire Truck Pizza Company!

It is quite literally a fire truck that was converted to a food truck, complete with wood burning oven where they wood fire your pizza in 2-3 minutes! Pat and I enjoyed the traditional pepperoni, and our friend Mike had the bacon honey white pizza.


I am extremely satisfied with my first ever food truck experience (who doesn’t like pizza??) I can’t wait to find and try some more!

What was your first food truck experience?

Talk Soon,