Explore my Etsy: Handmade Dream Catchers

A couple months ago, I turned my Etsy shop into vacation mode to prep for new products for the summer. Over the next couple weeks, I want to share the story of each of my new products! Up first: Handmade Dream Catchers!

“The Midnight Dreamer”


“The Poison Ivy”


“Princess Aurora”


I always wanted to learn how to make a dream catcher, but it looked so complicated! Now, there is this really cool website called Pinterest (have you heard of it??) where you can literally search for any craft ever and you are bound to fins a free tutorial! Low and behold, after two minutes of searching, I found a great tutorial on how to make a dream catcher. It was a lot easier than I anticipated it to be!


I am all about using my stash. Each one of these dream catchers are made 100% of materials in my craft closet. At one point in time I purchased the materials for one project or another. Now they are recycled into these pretties!


I wanted to have a theme for each dream catcher. Now, I will be honest that the name for them came after I made them, but there was still planning!


I have so much fun making these! I still have so many materials left and at least five more dream catchers planned out! I also take customer orders.



Talk soon,