Five Ways to Celebrate National Pizza Day!

Happy National Pizza Day everyone!!

I’ve been debating this post for a while, and what a better day to share than on National Pizza Day! Here are five fun ways to D.I.Y one of the best holiday’s of the year!

  1. Pizza Pillow!

DIY Homemade Sewing Pizza Pillow (1)

Check out my tutorial on how to make a D.I.Y Pizza Pillow to snuggle up with every night! Are you a vegetarian? That’s okay! Get creative with your toppings!

2. Crochet Pizza Banner!

DIY Crochet Triangle Yarn Home Decor Homemade Banner (5)

Follow my fun tutorial on how to crochet a triangle pendant banner. Just change the colors around and add pepperoni to make your pizza slices!

3. Pizza Stamp!

Art Journal Volume 18 - Make your own pizza stamp - DIY  (6)

Make your own triangle stamp to easy create a pizza background on ANY scrapbook page!

4. Pizza Painting!


Create a piece of art as a tribute to your favorite slice!

5. Crochet Pizza Hat!


Really want to go all out?!? Why not make a pizza hat!! One of these days I will post my pattern!

What about you!?! What are you doing today to celebrate this delicious holiday??

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Talk Soon.