Happy Collect Rocks Day!

Happy Rock Day!

Every Tuesday we have an office meeting. I quite enjoy meetings, however I know that most people don’t.

I was thinking about meetings in the shower the other day (where everyone does their best thinking), and I came up with (what I thought) would be a wonderful idea.

I’ve decided that every Tuesday, during out weekly meetings, I’m going to make a small craft that coincides with the holiday that day.

But, Jennifer, there isn’t possibly a holiday for every day of the year!
Excellent question (statement?), reader, but there is indeed! There is a holiday for every day of the year!

Alas! September 16th! Happy Collect Rocks Day!
Dating back to before people can remember, rock collecting has been a childhood favorite for centuries!* Who can’t remember their first pet rock? (Well, I can, I never had one).

Happy Rock Day!

It’s never too late to start! You can try this super easy (an inexpensive) Collect Rock Day craft! All you need is a bag of rocks, google eyes, and some hot glue (elmer’s glue works too, just takes longer to dry).
Do I need to write instructions? (Hint: Glue the eyes to the rocks, I suggest a parent to help with the hot glue if you are under the age of 10)

Voila!! Not only do you have a quick and easy gift for your friends, you will also impress them that you know it is National Collect Rock Day!

Other Fun Holidays to Celebrate today:
Step Family Day
Mayflower Day (I’m assuming the pilgrim ship)
National Play Doh Day (should have chose this one!)
Working Parents Day (thank you, mom and dad!)

Are you celebrating any holiday’s today?
Tell me about it!

Talk soon,

*These statements and facts about collect rock day have been completely made up, although the holiday does exist.