Homemade Embroidery Photo Art

Add a bit of personal touch to your favorite photo!

DIY Homemade Embroidery Photo Art (4)

I love adding personal touches to my favorite photos! I was going through my Pinterst boards, looking for some inspiration, when I found this one about a GREAT artist who embroiders beautiful pieces of art!
I thought I would tailor that idea into my own and add a personal touch to my own photographs

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Here is what you will need:
A digital file of your favorite photograph
Printable PhotoFabric
Embroidery Hoop (I used a 5″ diameter)
Two colors of Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle (any regular sewing needle will work too!)
Hot glue gun and scissor
Fabric pen (optional)

Project Time: 1 hour at most
Project difficulty: Moderately Easy

Project Budget: around 15 dollars (if starting from scratch on supplies)

DIY Homemade Embroidery Photo Art (1)

First, print your image onto your photo paper.
WARNING (I totally made this mistake): I would test print your image first on plain computer paper to make sure it is the size you want. I made the mistake of being too cocky and printing on the photo paper first (Rookie..). Considering how expensive this paper is for only 6 sheets…you don’t want to make that costly mistake!
Center the favorite part of your fabric printed photo in the embroidery hoop.

DIY Homemade Embroidery Photo Art (2)

Here comes the fun part!
You can use your fabric marker to draw your pattern, or just freestyle! Either way just have fun! I ended up outlining my glasses and making a heart on JayJay’s nose. (It looks a little weird…his nose…but he’s a weird fellow.)

DIY Homemade Embroidery Photo Art (3)

Once you’ve finished your detailing, use hot glue to adhere the fabric to the back of the hoop. Trim your edges.

DIY Homemade Embroidery Photo Art (5)
Now, give that wonderful gift or hang on your wall and enjoy! As always…have fun with it!!

Talk soon,
Jennifer (+ JayJay!)