Mine vs. Theirs: Alcohol Science Coasters

Photo Credit: Anthropologie found here.

What you’ll need:

Four Coasters (I bought mine at the dollar store)
Various Paints (colors of you choosing)
Various Paint Brushes
Gloss Varnish ($6.99 at most craft stores)

Project Time: 1 – 2 hours
Project Difficulty: Easy Peasy!

I saw these drinks coasters on Anthopologie a few weeks ago and throught they were awesome!
Then I saw the price… $40.00 plus S&H!!
My thinking: I can make these!
I took a trip to the dollar tree and bought these wonderful coasters for a whopping $4.00.
 Next, I painted them a solid color that will match the future theme of my living room (I keep telling you about the “theme” of my living room, but you may be able to guess what the color scheme will be by now!)
Next, I painted on the words and numbers. I wanted to use my friends and I favorite types of alcohol, which turned out to be the same that they used. I chose the numbers according to the birthday’s of our favorites (mine is Vodka and my birthday is on the 27th).
Finally, I sealed it with two top coasts of varnish!
My thoughts: You can buy these coasters conveniently from Anthropologie for $40.00 plus S&H…
…or you can have an afternoon of fun making your own for about $10 and have them unique to you!
Your choice!
Talk soon,