Hello there! I’m Jennifer! I guess if you’re here you want to know a little more about me!

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I’m a DIY-er and crafter born, raised and currently living in the lovely Mid-Western state of Ohio. Right now, blogging is my hobby, but I hope to one day turn it into something more. I love making or creating anything and everything. I really like to express my thoughts through art journaling and painting.(and taking crazy photos)

I graduated in 2013 from Kent State University with a bachelor’s in Geography, and traveling is another passion of mine. I love exploring new places, even if just around my apartment! My favorite places I’ve been are Australia, the desert Southwest, and Northern California. I hope to visit all 50 states before I’m 30!


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I adopted my partner-in-crime Mr. JayJay. He is a Labrador retriever mix (if I had to guess, mixed with Dingo) and has just as much energy as I do! He’s my taste tester and photo bomber. He’s probably the greatest dog in the world.

I love everything that I make, but here are some of my favorite things I’ve shared:

Party in a Jar
Alcohol Science Coasters
Crochet Sailor Moon Scarf
Homemade Doggie Treats

Here are some of my favorite art journals:

Homemade Photo Booth Strips
24 Before Things 25
Using Your Stash: Band Flare
Photo Fun with Project Life

I also like recycling!

Washi Tape Decorated Trash Can
Re-purpose A Dress

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Thanks for stopping by, I cannot express how much I appreciate you! Now let’s grab some coffee, put on some music, and make stuff!

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Talk soon!