Painted Days: “A Starry Night in the Forest”

Good morning everyone! I hope you enjoy your day with positive vibes!

I am going to begin sharing my paintings with you from now on!

I made a pretty painting of the forest at night with a starry sky - DIT homemade hand painted (2)

I think there should be a slight background on myself.

Today is a learning moment about me. Those of you who are new to my blog may not have read my about me, or even know much about my college career.

I have never discussed this but I actually started off college as a duel degree in fine arts and art education (fine arts is a BA and art education is a BS). I wanted to be an art teacher. I truly enjoy teaching and training, but at the time when I started college I was too immature to take my education classes seriously. After two years of constant art studio classes I became burned out, and I also knew I would never make it in my education classes. I decided to change my major to geography. I never regret the choices I make in life, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I loved every minute of the time I spent as a geography major, but I do wish I would have just powered through the stress and toughed it out.

I made a pretty painting of the forest at night with a starry sky - DIT homemade hand painted (1)

It was hard. Here I was, taking a hobby that I used to de-stress and make into a career. I became stressed because I had deadlines to meet. It became unenjoyable. I lost my creativity.

Flash forward to 2015.

It took me almost two years to gain back my inspiration after being sucked dry of my creativity. I loved being an art major, my homework was paintings and my exams were critiques. I saved money on text books because I already owned the supplies for my classes, but the classes were very demanding.

I love that I now can buy a canvas and just paint what ever is on my mind. It took a while to get back here, and I’m glad I’m back! I am back into regularly painting! I excited to share my paintings with you! Like some that you see? You can always find the ones I share and more on my Etsy Shop!

Today, I present to you “A Starry Night in the Forest.”


Talk soon,