Recyled: Reupholstered Folding Chair

What you will need:
Folding card table chair (as many as you want, I only have/need one)
Fabric of your choosing
Fabric Scissors
Screw driver
Staple Gun
Project Time: 30 – 45 minutes
Project Difficulty: Easy/Medium (just because you’re going to use a staple gun)
Hello everyone!
This post is dedicated to all those recent college grads that have the desire to “upgrade” their home décor but don’t have the luxury of an unlimited budget!
I have had this card table chair since I was in high school. I use it when I’m on my computer, working in my “studio” (currently my living room), and as a seat when entertaining guests.
I have reupholstered it once in its life time already, and currently the color doesn’t fit the direction I would like to decorate my living room.

I went through a bunch of fabric that I purchased on Black Friday, and decided to go with a “crafty” themed print!
After unscrewing the seat and back rest, you will want to measure your fabric and cut to the appropriate size.
The easiest way to approach stapling the fabric is to take it one side at a time. I started with one side, then moved to the opposite side. Next I did the corners.
Corners are the trickiest part!  Take it in steps. Keep folding at angles and stapling as you go until you have worked your way around the bend.
I then went in and finished the two remaining sides. Staple in a few “anchors,” then fill in the gaps along the way. Make sure you are stretching the fabric as tight as it can go. Take your time!
Once you are finished stapling, cut off the excess fabric so the holes where the screws go are uncovered.
The final step is to screw the seat and back rest back onto the chair!
Sit and enjoy!
Other things you can do is spray paint the chair to match the fabric. I will probably do that this summer (Navy and black don’t go together in my eyes!).
You probably only need a yard or so of fabric at most. If you buy it on sale, you shouldn’t be spending any more than $8.00! It’s hard for me to judge how much you will spend on everything else, mainly because I used supplies I already owned!
Reupholstering is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to up-date your décor without having to buy all new furniture!
Hope this helps some of you college students or those of you on a budget (to which I am both!).
Talk Soon,