Restyled! Paint-a-Table

Create a unique design on an old table you own!

Resyle a Table DIY painted recycled table (2)

Here is what you will need:
An old table
Acrylic paint (I found that “Basic” brand works best)
Various Paint Brushes
Pencil and eraser

Project Time: 2-3 hours
Project difficulty: Moderately Easy

Project Budget: around 10 dollars (unless you need to buy a table)

Draw on your pattern than you want to paint with you pencil. Feel free to make mistakes and erase!

Then just go for it!

Here’s a time lapse of me painting! Don’t be afraid to change your mind. There was a balloon I had painted on blue – then painted over green!

Like I always say…have fun! Here is my finished product.

Resyle a Table DIY painted recycled table (1)

Talk soon,