Thrifty Life: Six Dresses for under 20

I would like to think of myself as a thrifty person. One of the things I don’t like spending tons of money on is clothing. Not that I don’t like to treat myself here and there, but I really don’t like spending hundreds of dollars on my wardrobe. Here’s my dilemma: I LOVE clothes! I find myself in a catch twenty-two. How do I get the wardrobe I want and not spend my entire paycheck? Solution: second hand stores!


I started shopping at second hand stores when I was in high school. My first job was at Plato’s Closet, a teen resale clothing store. Working there made shopping for clothes so easy! I would usually shop after I got off work on days I didn’t close. Plus, I got a nice discount! After I quit there, I started working at a coffee shop so my outfits shifted to jeans and black polos. I worked there for YEARS so I didn’t deviate much. This was also my band t-shirt phase, so I wasn’t purchasing much clothing.

Finally, after graduating college and getting my first big girl job, I had to learn how to dress “business casual.” Being on limited funds (thank you student loans), I had to reteach myself how to dress nice inexpensively. I quickly found myself at home again in secondhand stores!


One of my favorite places to shop is the Village Discount Outlet. I found the best time to go is Saturday morning right when they open. It’s not crowded and they often have early bird discounts. The secret is the half-off colors of the day. I always make note of the colors as soon as I walk in that way when I am picking out clothing I stick to those color tags.

I also stick to a budget. I keep in mind how much I want to spend and once I have picked out enough clothing to hit that budget I stop and that’s when I head to the fitting room.

My last trip I wanted to stock up on dresses. My budget: $20. I was able to find six dress and still be within my budget! Here is what I scored:

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_13

Cost: $2.00

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_15

Cost: $2.50

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_16

Cost: $3.00

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_14

Cost: $2.00

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_12

Cost: $2.50

DIY Thrift Store Life Save On Style Dresses_17

*Favorite!* Cost: $4.00

I was very pleased with my finds from my last trip! Remember to thoroughly wash the clothing before wearing! I think my next trip I’m going to try and score some jeans.

Do you have any tips to thrifty clothing shopping?? I would love to know!!

Talk soon,