Thursday Thoughts: I’m proud to say my degree is in Geography!

I love talking about my college experience. Truth be told, I would love to be a forever student. One of my passions is learning. The aspects of college I loved were going to class and learning new things. Do I wish I would have been more involved? Heck yeah, but everything happens for a reason!

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For a while, I was ashamed to say I was a geography major. Why? Because I usually received one of two responses: OMG?!? So, you study maps?! (No.) or So, you study rocks (again, No.). This is when I began to embellish and call my major “atmospheric sciences” or “climatology,” which was half true.

After I got bored of explaining what “atmospheric sciences” meant, I reverted back to the major of geography. Only this time, I embraced it. I laughed when people called me a “geologist” and explained to people I don’t study “maps” but I know how to make them!

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Now, I love telling people I majored in Geography. I feel entitled to joke that “I’ll never get lost” and brag that I know more countries in Africa than most people. When people ask what jobs you can get with a degree in geography, I tell them that I went the useless geography route and studied something interesting, but I have the skills and knowledge to get a job in the field if need be. (Side note: most people who study geography get a job in GIS, geographic information systems. So, yes, you can get a GOOD job with a geography degree. Ever heard of ESRI? Leader in mapping software. Love me some ArcMap!!). Back to reality, nerded out for a moment.

Point for my thought today? I would have majored in something that I enjoyed learning about than pick a major just to get a job.

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