Update #13: Oh, how the goes by…

Well, hello there. I have to admit that I have by very bad about keeping track of the time these days. I was so amped for 2017, I had so many plans to kick off the year. I took my annual “start of the year vacation.” Then, I have no idea what happened! I’m staring at my calendar and it currently says “February 2nd.” Is this a joke? Obviously not. Time just really gets away from me these days. Not to mention I have been SO sick this week. I literally slept…for 24 hours. I don’t think I’ve done that, ever!


I really am looking forward to this year. I had a great 2016 and planned on making the next year even better. It started off great with a super hero pinball tournament a few weeks ago. Bucket list: Get gas for my car dressed like a super hero. Check. Although the night took a turn when I got a flat tire on the way home and my phone was dead. At least there are still decent people in the world. Thank you mysterious Jason who helped me change my tire at 1 in the morning. You are a life savior.


Anyway, I’m going entering into a new phase in my adult life right now, which I hope is going to help for the best. I need change. I’ve been stuck in a rut I feel like for the past couple weeks. Time for me to be on my own again (but not without the support of my friends and family). Unfortunately, good ole’ Punxsutawney saw his shadow so I have six more weeks of winter, but I make my own luck and spring cleaning will be coming sooner.


Tonight is casual pinball night. Got to get all the practice I can get if I’m going to make states next year!

Talk Soon,