Use Your Stash: Arrow Banner!

Add some color to any room!

DIY Homemade Handmade Stufed Arrow Banner (2)

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest a few months ago and finally got around to trying it. I think it was because I had finally cleaned my studio and had the space to sew. I’m also trying to use my fabric stash, and through this would be a great project for it!

DIY Homemade Handmade Stufed Arrow Banner (1)

Here is what you will need:
Various Colors of Scrap Fabric
Poly-fiber Microfill (stuffing)
Freezer Paper
Iron and Ironing Board
Sewing machine
Needle and Thread

Project Time: over the weekend
Project Difficulty: Moderate

Project budget: around $5-10 (depending on if you need to but stuffing or fabric)

DIY Homemade Handmade Stufed Arrow Banner (4)

Draw the arrow pattern on to the freezer paper, and cut it out. Place the waxy side down, and use the iron to temporarily adhere the pattern to a piece of scrap fabric. (top left)  Cut out around the pattern and remove the paper when done (top right). Repeat this step until you have cut out the number of arrows that you want to make your banner. (middle left) Make sure you are cutting out a front and a back for each arrow. I made six arrows!

Sew the right sides of each arrow together using a half inch seam allowance. Leave the end of the arrow’s open for turning and stuffing. (middle right) Turn each of the arrows and fill with the stuffing. (bottom left). Once stuffed, use the invisible stitch to hand sew the openings closed.

Measure out equal lengths of yarn. Tie on end in a knot and thread the other through a needle. Sew the arrows together, from the point on the arrow to the middle of the back. Repeat for all the arrows. (bottom right)

DIY Homemade Handmade Stufed Arrow Banner (3)

I made my arrows a little bigger than I wanted, but that’s okay (I made adjustments).

Where do you get project inspiration from? How do you try and use your stash?

Talk Soon,