Use Your Stash: DIY Ombre Paper Chandelier

Try making this easy Ombre Chandelier from your stash!

DIY Homemade Ombre Paper Chandelier (5)

I found all of this paper in my scrapbooking stash that matches my living room PERFECTLY! I kept trying to figure out how to use it until one day, you guessed, Pinterest! I saw this awesome paper chandelier!

Here is what you will need:
Five different colors of paper (monochromatic ranging from light to dark to get that ombre effect)
8″ Embroidery hoop (just the inside hoop, the one without the clasp)
1″ Circle hole punch
Light weight white yarn (I used from my stash)
Hot glue gun and scissors

Project time: 2-3 hours
Project difficulty: moderately east

Project budget: 15 dollars

DIY Homemade Ombre Paper Chandelier (1)

Lay out your paper to make sure it gives you the desired ombre effect you want. My famous line: have fun! If you don’t want to do ombre, don’t! Choose a color scheme that you like and go with it.

(Not shown) Wrap your embroidery hoop with your yarn, hot gluing the ends. This is the longest step of the project. Set a side when finished.

DIY Homemade Ombre Paper Chandelier (2)

Using your circle punch, make as many circles as you can with your different colored paper. If you are on a budget or don’t to waste paper – let’s do a little math:
6 colors and I used 2 circles per color. 13 stands. 13 * 2 = 26. There you go. 26 circles per color.

DIY Homemade Ombre Paper Chandelier (3)

Cut a 12″ piece of yarn, thread it on your needle and tie a knot at the end. “Sew” on each circle punch in your ombre pattern, starting darkest and working to lighted. Leave a space in between the circle, you will adjust this later. Repeat this for each of your 13 strands.

DIY Homemade Ombre Paper Chandelier (4)

Once all of your stands have been sewn, adjust the width in between each strand. I put the center of the circle and the edge of the previous one.

Grab your yarn-wrapped embroidery hoop and evenly space your strands around the hoop, hot gluing each strand to the inside of the hoop.

Tie on three support strings to be able to hang your finished product. I joined them all together and made a hoop knot.
Trim off the excess yarn from the strands at the hoop and at the bottom of each strand.

DIY Homemade Ombre Paper Chandelier (5)

I hung mine over my lamp in my living room! It adds a pop of color to a dull corner and looks beautiful at night!

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