Newborn photography lighting needs a few tricks and skills to bring out the best photos. Of course, understanding lighting in photography needs quite some planning and a basic trial-and-error method. However, there is less scope for trial and error in a newborn photoshoot. The solution? Read up some of the best lighting hacks below for a successful newborn photoshoot

Natural lighting

A decent natural light is a key to a beautiful newborn photoshoot. While natural lighting can be the best, remember it is unpredictable and often changes. However, selecting the golden hour can never go wrong. Avoid those flashlights that can annoy the baby. Use the sunlight and make the most of it.  

Movable lighting

Natural lighting may not give you the perfect light and effect you desire. This can also wash out the photos or create shadows in the wrong area and make them look dull. Hence, using movable lights can be a great option besides natural lighting. 

All you need to do is to  set up your camera on a tripod stand to make it movable. You must also ensure your lights are movable to capture the best frames. The best way to use movable lighting is by setting it up at a 45-degree angle away from the newborn. While this does not make the baby cranky, it can make your newborn photoshoot a great success. 


Contrasting can bring uniqueness to your newborn’s images. Contrasting can highlight the basic features in your frame and amp up your frames. Shadows can bring direct attention, and reveal or hide features, along with bringing more depth to the pictures in a newborn photoshoot. 

Use a light shadow for the newborn photoshoot as a harsh might be too loud and dark. You can use planes and contours to have the best lighting and give a three-dimensional contrast to the picture. 

Lighting can also provide red and yellow casing on the newborn’s skin and this all depends on the color of the ambient light.  

Fairy lights to add a glam

Fairy lights make a nice background for the baby’s pictures. Decorate the wall with the fairy lights and place the little one on a simple and soft wrap or rug. This will help in getting the sparkle without crowding the pictures. A soft light with fairy lights in the background is a perfect combination for a newborn photoshoot. However, remember not to use them directly behind the child. Use them on the other walls to get the required frame instead. The picture will be perfect if you take the image with a wide aperture. 

To Wrap Up

Clicking a newborn can be a surreal experience. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to ruin it with wrong lighting decisions. While you can select lights according to your choice, the hacks above can help you get the best results in a newborn photoshoot. While you can get the best frames with these tips, you can ensure your baby doesn’t get cranky because of too many lights. 


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