Party in Melbourne

If you ever wanted to experience a true party town, look no further than Melbourne. The city is filled with live music, great people and amazing experiences. From the best hotels to the most luxurious bars, there’s something on offer for every type of traveler looking to have fun in Melbourne.

Stay at Australia’s Most Luxurious Hotel

If you’re looking for a place to stay, Langham Melbourne is your best bet. This luxurious hotel has everything from a rooftop bar and pool to spa services and a fitness center. If you want to eat at home, it also comes with its own restaurant–the Langham Spa Restaurant & Bar–that serves up delicious meals made with locally sourced ingredients (and a drink menu that includes some of Melbourne’s most popular cocktails).

Visit the Prahran Market

Prahran Market is one of Melbourne’s oldest markets. It’s open every Saturday and Sunday, so if you’re staying in the city for the weekend, head down there to check out the stalls and grab some delicious food.

The Prahran Market is best known for its fresh produce — there are fruit and vegetable stalls galore with plenty of organic options too – but there are also meat, cheese, seafood and bakery stalls if you’re looking for something specific (or just want something sweet!).  If you’re planning on eating at home afterward then pick up some local produce instead of heading into town again; otherwise, head over somewhere else where they sell ready-made meals like Salt Meats Cheese or Gourmet Burger Kitchen!

Walk across the Yarra River

The Yarra River is the largest river in Melbourne and runs through the city, making it a popular walking and cycling route. You can walk across the river on the Federation Trail, which begins at Princes Bridge (near Flinders Street Station).

The trail will take you through some of Melbourne’s most historic areas, including Chinatown and Docklands. Be sure to stop off at Federation Square for a bite to eat before continuing along your journey!

Eat at Emporium Melbourne

Emporium Melbourne is the place to be on a Friday night. It’s an outdoor food court with tons of options and it’s only a few blocks from Federation Square, so you can make your way there after work and still have time to explore other parts of town before heading out for dinner. My favorite place at Emporium is Doughballs Donuts, which serves up some pretty amazing doughnuts). They’re located inside the main building next door to Crate Brewery, so if you’re feeling adventurous try grabbing one of their beers while waiting in line!

Shop at Queen Victoria Market

What to buy: The market has everything from fresh produce and seafood to arts, crafts and souvenirs. If you’re looking for something specific, check out their website before heading down there so you can plan ahead.

How much it will cost: Prices vary depending on what kind of deal you want (and whether or not it’s tourist season). You can expect to pay around $3-5 AUD per item if buying in bulk or at an outdoor stall; prices will be higher at indoor stalls inside the market building itself ($5-10 AUD per item). Some items may also be discounted further if they’re damaged but still usable–ask before buying!

Relax with the best cocktails and socialize

Melbourne is one of the top cities for nightlife in Australia. It has more than 60 nightclubs and bars that are open until 4 pm on weekends! If you want to party till dawn then there’s nowhere better than Melbourne.

The city has a reputation as one of the world’s best party destinations, so if you’re looking for an epic weekend away, here are some of our favorite places to party in Melbourne:

  •         The Rooftop Bar at The Windsor Hotel
  •         Bacchanalia Wine Bar & Restaurant
  •         Howler Darlinghurst
  •          First-floor Bar & Gri

If you love an intimate, and still exciting atmosphere, visit the famous Melbourne brothels and enjoy the evening.

Melbourne is famous for great music

Melbourne is famous for great music, and it’s not just about the size of the city, but also the variety of tastes and genres you can find here.

Party in style in one of Melbourne’s hip bars or restaurants with a DJ playing some tunes. Or head to a pub where you can enjoy some live music on a Friday night. If you want to go all out and party like it’s 1999 (or something), then hit up one of Melbourne’s many clubs – from huge dance venues to underground bars.

You can find anything from live music at Thornbury Theatre or Corner Hotel, Richmond; cocktails at The Milk Factory in Southbank; and even shopping at Queen Victoria Market. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here!

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