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The cake is a versatile dessert everyone loves. The best thing about cake is that you can serve it at many events. You can serve cakes at weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, anniversaries, graduations, or any other celebration. Many times, you do not need any reason to eat a cake. You can also have cake as your midnight snack or even as breakfast. It is a fact that many people think that the best cakes are readymade. No lies that the store-bought cakes which are normally stored in fridge for cakes are delicious and have the best texture. It is hard to resist buying delicious cakes from the cake shops. The eye-appealing décor and perfect sponge are impossible to deny on a random afternoon.


But who said it is impossible to make a cake at home? Baking your favorite cake is not a hectic task. Many of us complain that the frosting is the challenging part of making any cake. Getting the right texture, flavor, consistency, and color requires professional skills. You have to be very careful when making the frosting of a cake. After making the frosting, the hardest part is frosting the cake. Many people make mistakes while frosting the cake. But following some tips can help you prevent mistakes.


Steps for frosting a cake:    

We are here to help if you are worried about making and applying frosting on cakes. Below we have mentioned all the steps for frosting cake at home.


Recipe for the frosting:

Below is a list of ingredients you will need to make the vanilla frosting.

Butter (at room temperature)

Powdered sugar

Whole milk (at room temperature)

Pure vanilla extract

Take an electric hand mixer and add ingredients. Beat the ingredients until you get a perfect consistency. Lift your frosting with a spatula. Your frosting is ready if it has a fall down.


Get the essential tools:

Your vanilla cake frosting is ready, and it is time to frost it. You will need an offside spatula to layer the frosting on the cake. The best option for a sturdy cake base is cardboard. Know that you can also use the back of a cake pan.


Prepping the cake for frosting:

You will have to complete a few requirements before frosting the cake. You must ensure you wash your hands before starting anything since hygiene is a must. It is better to wear an apron since frosting the cake can get messy. Take some of the frostings on the spatula and apply them in the middle of the cardboard. The frosting will also give your cake a fixed area and reduce the chances of moving.


Frosting the cake:

It is time to frost the cake. First of all, place the first layer of cake on the cardboard. Now, apply the frosting to the cake layer and spread it. Now, put the rest of the layers and repeat the same process. After this, take some frosting and apply it on the edges of the cake. Make sure everything is on an even level.


Giving the details of the cake:

The last step is to give minimal details to the cake. Note that these small details make the cake look complete. You can use a spatula or knives to make peaks on the top of the cake. You can use frosting in different colors to create an eye-appealing look.

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