10 Cute Flower Tattoo Designs For Hands

Getting inked on hands still hasn’t lost its weight. Hand tattoos get the most exposure, it is always noticeable by the people.  It’s a bold decision to get a tattoo on your hands because you can’t hide it. There are many tattoo designs for girls, but the flower tattoo is the most popular one. The flower tattoo symbolises your love for nature, purity, loveliness and juvenility.


Here is the list of 10 hand tattoos woman to pick from.


Roses are not always red



Who doesn’t love roses?  I guess everyone. Roses are connected with Aphrodite and Venus, goddess of love and compassion. A single rose with your favourite song lyrics or quotes is the perfect small tattoos for girls. A single rose tattoo looks subtle and cute on the hands and at the same time, it shows femininity and love.

PS: Don’t forget to take proper care of your tattoo; otherwise, it may cause skin and blood infections.



Cute butterflies and delicate flowers


Talking about hand tattoo designs for girls, butterflies are the favourite pick of girls, the design looks feminine and pure. What would be the classic combination other than a butterfly and pink flowers?



I am your queen bee



We have talked about flowers and butterflies. But bees also have a strong relationship with flowers. Bees symbolize intensity, strength and wisdom. A bee and flower tattoo design is very modern and something unconventional to pick. Such ideas for small tattoos women look really gorgeous and unique.



Joined twin flowers


Pink blue flower and green fresh leaves this design looks charming and unusual because on both hands they are two and when they connect the magic is created. It’s a unique subtle design to get inked.



Glorious purple flower


The purple flower signifies royalty and spirituality but keeping these also purple flowers looks adorable and cute on hands.



Full hand flower design


Tattoo designs for girls on hands covering arms also is a tough decision. But they look striking and brave. Having a tattoo on the whole hand takes everyone’s attention on you in the crowd.



Hands holding a bunch of artistic flowers



These kinds of small tattoo design for girls are trending nowadays. This design of a hand carrying a bunch of flowers utters a lot about you as a person. It reveals the person is artistic and admires nature.



Not just petals


Flowers are not just about delicate and colourful petals but also strong leaves. Leaves are just like the heart of the flower and if you don’t want to go with those delicate petals design this one is a pick for you. A leaf or leaves tattoo on the back of your fingers or thumbs is a cool idea to pick.



Fancy and cute wildflower


Wildflower is the symbol of happiness. A person who enjoys life and lives every single tiny moment of it. A person who is confident and optimistic in life.  Also, they look beautiful and cute on the hands.



Yellow is Sun and Yellow is  Sunflower



The sunflower is the most graceful flower. It expresses happiness, loyalty, strength and positivity. They look exceptionally attractive. People are definitely gonna stare at your sunflower tattoo for a long time because they are just beyond perfection.



These cute hand tattoo designs for girls will grasp the attention of everyone. When getting inked flowers are the safe choice. And not only they speak about femininity but they also speak about the personality of that person.  Roses show love whereas sunflowers show happiness.


These lines by Miranda Kerr well fits in each aspect.


“A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women too.”


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