When you talk about movies, the thought of TV series often pops up. But are there variances between TV series and TV shows? Let’s briefly define both terms.

TV shows are regarded as any form of videography, shot within a time frame of one hour. While TV series are collections of TV shows or programs released in phases or episodes over some time. TV series can be in the forms of situation comedy (sitcom), family drama, adventure, or action movies. 

Recently, the release of the epic series has received massive recognition among movie fans. We see movie producers releasing episodes frequently to keep their followers abreast with the latest happenings. There are lots of series you’ll find on streaming platforms. But then, a few of them have garnered more positive reviews than others. Below are the top 10 most-watched TV shows you should check out.

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  • Orange Is the New Black

One number one pick is the popular ‘Orange Is the New Black’ TV series. The movie theme was narrated behind the story of Piper Chapman who was reprimanded in a correctional center. The mysterious tragedy began after she was caught smuggling drugs. The movie series is packed with a combination of comedy and drama. The suspense is overwhelming, yet the excitement is amusing. The movie is available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix.

  • 13 Reasons Why

As curbed from the writings of Jay Asher, 13 reasons why Is an enigmatic play based on the storyline of a college teenager who takes her own life. What experience would warrant a teenager to take her own life? A cassette containing the persons and circumstances that triggered her death has been found. Find out more about the 13 reasons why the young lass resort to taking her own life in this epic TV series.

  • Riverdale

In the Riverdale TV series, a group of teenage friends in college teamed up to muddle through the troubles of their respective parents while finding solutions to assassination cases. We all know about teenagers’ college life and how they engage in humorous romantic affairs. This series encompasses different aspects of teenage life. It is a must-watch for all youngsters. 

  • The 100

‘The 100’ is a science fiction series that narrates how some scientists were sent to experiment if the planet is fit for habitation after a century. It was produced based on a novel-writing series released years ago. If you’re a science enthusiast, you’ll be intrigued to watch this Sci-Fi collection. 

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  • Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an imaginary adventurous and action series that was shot from the foundation of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, novella series by George Martin. The store narrates the tales of warriors from the 7 great kingdoms fighting for ownership of the magnificent Iron Throne. Who won the battle to take control of the throne? What was the aftermath of the clash? Find out in this award-winning TV series.

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  • The Walking Dead

If you’re a fan of zombie films, the walking dead TV series is a one-stop destination for you. This movie is based on the mysterious scenario of zombies that stormed a big city. How were the few survivors able to seek a haven in the territory of zombies? Find out more in this dreadful and intriguing suspense-filled series.

  • Stranger Things

Stranger Things is another great Sci-fi production to look out for. This series of Stranger Things has reaped a lot of positive reviews, through its brilliant acts, extraordinary videography, and several mind-blowing actualities that have fascinated spectators globally. The Netflix platform is a good place to get the movie.

  • Grey’s Anatomy

Inspired by the realities of medical practitioners, Grey’s Anatomy is a TV show that rests on the survival of Doctors. It recounts how Doctors attempt to strike a balance between their work and personal lives. The show was declared the longest-running TV show of all time with eighteen successful seasons.

  • The Flash

The storyline of ‘The Flash’ is one of the unique plays that pinch audiences in a different direction. We all know of the effects and dangers of engaging in an accident, right? But what about if you’re told that the reverse is the case in this scenario. The Flash is a movie that tells the tale of an act that engaged in an accident but got superpowers in the aftermath of the incident. His superpower renders him to be a superhero which he utilized in tackling criminal acts in the city.

  • Arrow 

Last but not least in our pick ‘Arrows’ spins on a plot to crash a vessel. The outcome of the encounter took a different turn in the life of the hero. 

The series has been generally commended by reviewers. It has also secured honors and multiple nominations.

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