5 Best Ways To Garden In Small Spaces Landscaping

With the exponentially growing population and uncontrolled settlements, we are left with less land space. We get fascinated by big houses, but these big houses cost us our landscape. Spending time at home becomes dull when we have only walls to look at and no Lawn Maintenance Mamaroneck NY or greenery outside our residential space.

Imagine yourself getting locked in your house in a situation like the Covid pandemic; how do you see yourself utilizing your time when there is nowhere to go and get out of your boredom? Now, imagine greenery as soon you step out of your house. Plants and flowers of different colours and sizes are ready to welcome you, with birds melodious chirping while sitting on the branches. 

Which sight do you prefer? Obviously, the latter one! 

But unfortunately, very few can afford a huge garden. But do not worry! A small landscape does not have to shatter your dreams of gardening. We have some of the best ideas to offer to you, even if you have a small space landscape.

5 Best Ideas For Small Spaces Gardening

Gardening as a hobby not only provides a relaxing activity in our leisure time but acts as a therapy too. After all, is there anyone who doesn’t heal by enjoying nature? We bring you ways to make your small garden space stand out and turn it into the garden of your dreams. 

1] Play with Colours

In small spaces, colours can play a huge role in creating the illusion of a bigger space. The Colour scheme to fool eyes has been in the housing industry for a long. The colours that they use on their walls create an illusion of a bigger space. The same colour theory applies here. Put vibrant, bold-coloured plants in the area of view in front of plain fences to bring out the largeness of space. You can also paint your fences in vibrant colours, which will act as a backdrop for your plants making the space look larger. 

2] Vertical Gardening

To combat the problem of limited space, vertical gardening comes as a boon. Plants like Lily, English Ivy, Lavender, Mondo grass, Agave, Cactus and various other plants can be planted using a trellis. Trellis can be made from bamboo, wire, ropes or any structure that is sturdy enough to support the plants. They are easy to set up and maintain. You can use dwarf plants and shrubs that are perfect for vertical gardening. You can even repurpose an old ladder and give your garden a new look by planting vertically on the ladder.

3] Use Small Containers for Planting 

We are on the mission to build a garden in less space. If you find flower pots big for your space, you can use small containers to plant. At the same time, it is necessary to choose plants that don’t take up a large space. You can be creative with the containers and can use old deep utensils, bottles, mason jars, and watering cans for the purpose. The options are endless.

4] Use Hanging Plants 

Plants like Ceropegia Woodii, Burro’s Tail, Spider Plants, and Bird’s Nest Fern are perfect plants to grow on hanging containers. These can be hung on the sides of the roof or fences. They look very aesthetic and also improve the air quality. Hanging plants are in trend nowadays because they can be hung even on your balconies, creating a space for you to relax. 

5] Use Practical furniture In Your Garden

If you have a big space, you can add furniture to your garden without any worry. But if you have less space and still want to add furniture to create a cosy sitting area, remember less is more. You can go for those pieces which are smaller in size and have a dual use. Such as a table with a storage area at the bottom so that you can store things in them. Look for those seating that can double as storage or planters. It will help declutter your garden space and make it look big.


Maintaining a garden requires a great amount of effort and time. If you have a small garden, the job becomes more tedious as it takes a great amount of planning and creative ideas so that your garden doesn’t look cluttered and overcrowded. So, to turn this place into heaven consulting your nearest Masonry Landscaping Westchester would be a smart choice.

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