5 Stunning Wedding Looks for Men in 2023

It’s no secret that men are often left out regarding wedding fashion. While there are endless possibilities for women, the options for men can sometimes feel a bit limited. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are five stunning looks for men in 2023 that will have you looking your best on your big day.

Here are Five Fantastic Wedding Looks for Men in 2023

As anyone familiar with the wedding industry knows, trends come and go. While suits used to be the traditional choice for groom attire, more and more men have been looking for unique and stylish options in recent years. For inspiration, here are five stunning wedding looks for men in 2023.

The Modern Groom

The traditional image of the Groom famously includes a tuxedo, a bow tie, and nerves about being left at the altar. However, today’s grooms are breaking away from this stereotype and carving out their unique identity on their wedding day. Whether wearing a boldly patterned suit or creating personalized vows, modern grooms are showing that they are just as involved in the planning process as their partners. And why shouldn’t they be? This is their big day too! So whether you know a groom-to-be who wants to rock a pink tuxedo or one who wants to write his song for the first dance, let’s celebrate the individuality and creativity of today’s grooms. After all, love knows no bounds – nor should wedding fashion. Let’s raise a glass to the one-of-a-kind modern Groom.

The Romantic Groom

If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic Groom, look no further. This Groom oozes romance from his choice of attire to how he addresses his wife-to-be on the marriage invitation card or wedding save-the-date cards. He may opt for a classic black tuxedo or choose a dapper vest and bowtie to complement the bride’s dress. And while he is effortlessly charming during the ceremony and reception, these small gestures truly stand out – gifting his love with a surprise bouquet of her favorite flowers, writing her heartfelt love letters, or planning a surprise date night. This Groom takes every opportunity to show his love and adoration for his partner, making him the epitome of a romantic groom.

The Whimsical Groom

When it comes to wedding fashion, no rule says the Groom has to be all buttoned up and traditional. The Whimsical Groom look is definitely worth considering for those looking to add a touch of quirkiness to their special day. Think mismatched prints, bold accessories, and unique personalization options like monograms or illustrated portraits. This style allows the Groom to express his personality and have some fun with his wedding day wardrobe. Even subtle additions like colorful socks or patterned ties can add just the right touch of whimsy. The options are virtually limitless – let your imagination run wild! So, consider giving the Whimsical Groom look a try for a truly unforgettable wedding aesthetic.

The Rustic Groom

When it comes to wedding themes, many couples opt for the traditional elegant vibe. However, the Rustic Groom look is definitely the way to go for those seeking something a bit more rugged and rustic. This style incorporates natural elements like wood and greenery with charm and antique flair. Invitations can feature handwritten calligraphy or rustic fonts on kraft paper. At the ceremony, decorate with wooden signs and mason jar centerpieces. As for the Groom’s attire, opt for a classic suit paired with a plaid or floral tie and a wooden boutonniere. On your special day, embrace your love for all things rustic and let your guests know they are in for an adventure at your Rustic Groom’s wedding.

The Dapper Groom

If you’re looking for a sharp and stylish groom’s look for your wedding, look no further than The Dapper Groom. Their tailored suits and sophisticated accessories will have your Groom looking dapper on your big day. With various styles to choose from, they can cater to any aesthetic, whether classic and traditional or modern and edgy. Their expert stylists offer personal consultations to ensure the perfect fit and overall look for the Groom. Don’t forget to complement the Groom’s look with coordinating attire for the groomsmen. Trust The Dapper Groom to provide a polished and handsome appearance that will leave a lasting impression on your wedding photos and memories.

Evolution of Men’s Wedding Fashion  

While brides often steal the show on their wedding day, grooms have also made significant strides in fashion. Traditionally, men wore a simple tuxedo or suit for their weddings, but now they are embracing more personalized and dapper looks. From selecting the perfect shade of tie to opting for a stylish boutonniere, grooms are putting more thought into their wedding day outfits. The trend towards customization is also evident in men’s wedding bands, with many choosing unique metals and designs to reflect their styles. As wedding fashion continues to evolve, grooms are no longer content to simply match their partner – they want to stand out. Whether it’s bold patterns or unexpected accessories, men are proving that looking sharp on your big day is just as crucial for them as it is for brides.


2023 is going to be a great year for men’s fashion. With these stunning wedding looks, you’ll be sure to wow your guests on your big day. From classic tuxedos to modern suits, there’s something for every Groom. And don’t forget the accessories! A well-chosen tie or pocket square can make an outfit pop. So start planning your dream wedding today, and let us help you create the perfect invitation suite. Wedding save the date cards are available now, so order yours today and start spreading the news about your upcoming nuptials. We can’t wait to help you celebrate the biggest day of your life.


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