6 Reasons Why You Should Go For MI Mobile Phones

Since the launch of the first smartphone in India in 2014, Mi mobiles have seen rapid growth in its popularity among Indian consumers. Unlike the other Chinese brands till then, Xiaomi produced reliable smartphones, with great specifications, at a reasonable price range. Today, Xiaomi is competing with the most reputable brands such as Apple and Samsung.

People are choosing the new mobiles produced by Mi over other giant brands because of several reasons. Previously, it was thought that low-budget mobiles offer low specifications. However, Xiaomi has proved that they can offer feature-loaded mobiles at a very affordable price range. This has resulted in the widespread popularity of Mi smartphones.

Let us have a look at the 6 reasons why you should buy a Mi mobile phone.

  1. Great specifications at the most affordable price range:

The biggest reason to buy Mi mobiles is that it offers the best specifications at a 60% lower price than Samsung and Apple. The majority of consumers cannot afford iPhone or a high-end Samsung mobile. For them, Xiaomi has become a great alternative as it offers similar specifications at a much lower price range.

The objective of Xiaomi is to sell a quality mobile phone at a lower price to a greater number of people instead of selling it at a higher price to a lesser number of people. You will find most of the Mi smartphones at a price of under INR 25,000.

However, Xiaomi has never compromised the quality of its smartphones because of the price. Almost all the new mobiles by Mi come with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, 8GB RAM, triple camera setups, and AMOLED displays. 

Now, you may think why Xiaomi phones are cheaper than its rivals in the market. It is not cheaper because of its components. It is cheaper because of the business strategy adopted by Mi. Mi sells its mobiles through online platforms instead of selling them through offline stores.

Since there are no offline stores, there are no distributors, resulting in saving extra costs. Moreover, Xiaomi advertises its products on social media and through its customers. It does not spend extra money on advertising. 

  1. Solid hardware and durable build quality:

Unlike other smartphone brands including Samsung which offers weaker processors for low-end smartphones, Xiaomi offers quality hardware at reasonable prices. Smartphones of other brands at a lower price range come equipped with MediaTek processors.

However, Mi mobiles get Snapdragon processors at the same price range. Moreover, Xiaomi uses high-quality materials for its smartphones. Most of the handsets get an aluminium frame, with either plastic or glass back and front.

The materials are scratch resistant and can survive drops from a height of several feet. Apart from the hardware and build quality, Xiaomi phones come with unique designs, which are classy and eye-catching. 

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  1. Excellent photography experiences:

Mi mobiles are known for their top-class camera setups. The new mobile Xiaomi Mi 11i 5G comes with a triple camera setup that includes a 108MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide sensor, and 2MP macro lens. You will also get an optical image stabilisation feature, night mode or low-light modes, and a 120-degree ultra-wide camera.

The front camera is 16MP. Moreover, you can record 4K videos from the primary camera and videos at 1080p from the front camera. All these features come at only INR 26,999. However, if you go for other brands such as Apple or Samsung, you would have to spend more than INR 40,000 to get these features. 

  1. Highly customizable and user-friendly MIUI operating system:

All the Mi mobiles are equipped with MIUI OS, which is based on the Android OS. It is a more modified version of Android and customers have liked it a lot. MIUI is highly customizable. There are more than a hundred themes and you can change them to change the look of the user interface.

You can also alter other things such as the lock screen, notification shade, app icons, and likewise. MIUI is super smooth and fast. You can easily open the apps and it is ideal for multitasking. Then, it offers excellent security features. You will get Anti-Malware, Clean up, Secure Folders, and other security features.

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Moreover, you will get regular updates that will offer new features, fix bugs, and improves the security of your phone. Finally, there is an MIUI forum that offers 24*7 support to customers. 

  1. Rooting without voiding warranty:

Unlike other brands that void any and all warranty in case, you root the phone. Xiaomi does not support this. You can root your Mi mobiles without losing the warranty. This is the only company to offer a warranty even after rooting your new mobile

  1. No bloatware:

When you start your new handset, you will find many third-party apps preinstalled on your mobile phone. These pre-installed apps are useless and they occupy greater space and memory. However, Xiaomi mobiles do not come with these pre-installed apps. And, even if there are a few such apps, you can easily uninstall them.

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