7 Challenges Of Social Media Influencer Marketing And Ways To Overcome By TikViral

Social media platforms have almost 3.5 billion users worldwide. Each day all the users are active on at least one social media platform. With the development of industries and social media evolution, marketing is coming up with various new forms. One such impactful marketing is influencer marketing. However, Influencer marketing is quite challenging, and it will generate excellent returns in a quick time. 

It is no surprise that marketers must change their strategies consistently to beat the competition and stay ahead of the competitors. It seems every marketer has adopted this influencer marketing to their plan. At the earliest time, influencer marketing started with celebrity endorsements. Over time, many small creators have more followers, and the engagement rate has become influencers. Small brands may connect with these niche influencers to develop their businesses. If you are planning to improve your business sales, you can opt to buy tiktok fans and shall turn your followers into regular customers.

Let’s dive into the article to learn more about the challenges of influencer marketing and ways to tackle them quickly. Let’s get started!

7 Influencer Marketing Challenges

  1. Identifying The Right Influencers

Every business’s first and foremost challenge is finding the right influencers. It will help if you put some effort and time into searching for the influencers of your niche. First, you must understand the type of influencers: Micro, macro, and celebrity. Each type of influencer will have a different audience reach and engagement rates. 

For example, macro-influencers have between 10,000 to 10,00,000 and will tend to receive a 5% to 25% engagement rate. Before you choose your influencer, you have to analyze all the criteria and then go with the selection. You have to create a list of factors that you are expecting from an influencer. You may overcome this challenge through proper analysis.

  1. Fradulance Social Media Accounts

Social media have a lot of fraudulent accounts. The influencers with fake accounts may buy counterfeit followers to showcase that they have more engagement. It will be difficult to find whether they have fake followers. If you make these fake influencers your influencer, you may not be able to increase your ROI exponentially. Then you may lose on your investments. If you need to tackle this problem on social media, it is better to tie up with influencers with verification badges. The verification badge gives you the credibility and the trust of an influencer.

  1. Social Algorithm Updations

Every social media algorithm update will create an imbalance in the strategies. Marketers, users, and influencers must change their strategy by brainstorming ideas during every update. It will make a direct impact on influencer marketing campaigns. After every update, marketers, and influencers have to learn and adapt quickly to improvisations. If any new features are launched, try to take advantage and use it to their potential. If you need to stay ahead of the curve, you can have a glance at TikViral and get more ideas to improve your business. 

  1. Long-Term Relationship With Influencers

At the initial stage, every influencer will be happy and agree to your terms and conditions. However, over time if you haven’t given them good pay, they will feel unsatisfied and may not correctly promote your products or services. To maintain a solid influencer relationship, you may invite your influencers for any product launch or give fair compensation. Remember, the influencer should align with your company goals.

  1. Control Over Influencers

Companies may not take more control over the influencers. You can give the influencers the theme, and they may create their content. Many brands are now creating duet videos with influencers. It may boost your influencers to create content that resonates with the audience. If brands show more of a humanizing side, influencers will also create more funny and entertaining content. If brands need to drive more attention from the audience, you can opt to use TikViral and strengthen your presence. 

  1. Keep Track Of Influencers’ Activity

Brands should remember that influencers are the ones who represent your brand among the audience. So it is vital to maintain their day-to-day activities on social media for your brand promotion. This record, over time, will help you measure the results. With these track results, you can get to know which influencer post works well, and you can get to know which campaigns are beneficial. 

  1. Influencer Ghosting

Many brands may face influencer ghosting situations. For instance, if brands and influencers believe a user and send them any free product, they will stop replying to your posts after receiving gifts. Therefore, for brands to avoid money-losing, both the influencers and brands should have a campaign agreement. Moreover, influencers and brands should discuss and select people for sending gifts. 


Utilizing influencers is a proven strategy to make your brand noticed by millions of people. If you are struggling with the above problems, you can use the above methods to tackle and overcome the challenges. With a successful influencer marketing plan, you can master any social media and stay on top of the platform. Thanks for reading the article! 


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