7 Types of Countertops to Choose for your New Home

A kitchen is your home’s heart and soul. It’s not the only best place in a home is designed to perfection, but also the place where you can grow memories. Similarly, your bathroom needs to be tiled, clean, and sparkle than an average bathroom. The one thing common between a kitchen and a bathroom is the countertops! 

Countertops are some of those things that are easily noticeable because of their color, texture, and well literally because they are on the top of everything else. That’s why it is important to find a countertop that is a welcome addition to your home’s personality. 

With lots of options to choose from, we have highlighted the 7 best countertops for your new home in DHA Bahawalpur you can get installed. 

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1- Granite 

For a new home, granite seems like a perfect option. Granite countertops have been in use for home construction for decades now. It’s cheaper, affordable, and available easily in the market. The reason behind low cost is that granite is durable too. It does not break down easily either so for a however long period of time you use it, you just need to keep it tidy and clean. 

If used in the kitchen, you can avoid scratches on the countertop, it’s heat-resistant too which is perfect for a city like Bahawalpur. However, the options in granite are limited. 

2- Marble 

One of the most common types of countertop excessively used in a home is marble, for obvious reasons. It has a beautiful texture with white and grey hues (could also vary in different colors as compared to granite). 

One downside of choosing marble as your kitchen countertop is that it’s not scratch-resistant. It can be a suitable option for a powder room vanity. Because the porous material easily absorbs the liquids leaving a stain that is almost impossible to get rid of. So if you choose to buy marble, you can use it for island countertops. 

3- Limestone 

Limestone is most commonly used in exterior locations but if planned, it can be used for interior design as well. Because limestone is heat resistant it is deemed as a suitable option for a variety of use. It is more affordable than granite too, which makes it a natural stone for countertops. 

However one downside is that similar to marble, limestone is also not scratch-resistant. Its surface must be sealed daily to avoid any damage. 

4- Quartzite 

Do not confuse it with Quartz. 

Quartzite is a type of natural stone, perfectly heat resistant but has distinct properties than Quartz. Usually, it’s used for trivets, or potholders because of its high resistant property. It’s available in its natural color like an off-white and grey hue. 

5- Quartz 

Quartz is an artificial stone. That’s right! It is manufactured, not porous, or easy to stain either. Another benefit of using quartz is that it’s also scratch-resistant. 

If used as a countertop it can be easily maintained and cleaned. The advantage of installing Quartz as countertops are that you can choose from a variety of colors and patterns for entire slabs. 

6- Concrete 

Is it possible to have your kitchen redo with concrete countertops? Yes. for a modern-day liking, concrete is a sound option. Heat-resistant, textured, shaped, and colored to use, are just a few of the primary characteristics. 

Before using, make sure to have the concrete countertops sealed or they will be susceptible to stains, and the counter surface can be damaged entirely. Any means of abrasive cleaning can also damage the countertop made of concrete. 

7- Butcherblock 

A wooden countertop is a merger of modern and traditional-styled homes. It offers warmer touch to the interior and therefore an excellent choice for countertops too. 

A butcher block needs to be oiled properly and sealed to maintain its high appeal otherwise, the high moisture level in summers can damage the countertop slowly. And since wood is an easy sanitary material, you need to take proper precautions in case you have a big family. 


Whatever countertop material you decide to get installed in your new home, learn about the pros and cons and how well it fits with your home interior. A countertop does not have to be expensive to have an attractive appeal. So invest your money in home materials after professional consultation.

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