A Complete Guide to the Modern Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are some of the oldest types of existing lighting fixtures. Unlike other fixtures, they are not mounted on the ceiling or placed on the table. It is generally hung on the wall and does not take up much space. The Cohen visual comfort sconces are among the best options for home decor. It adds a touch of elegance and sparkle to the entire setting. The perfect lighting lifts the mood of the space, which can either make or break the look of the room.  

Distinguishing between a Wall Sconce and Wall Lamp 

A sconce is a wall light fixture installed with the support of the walls. Such fixtures were used earlier to hold up torches or candles. The terms ‘sconces and light’ are often used interchangeably. However, there is a minute technical difference between the two. The wall light source is covered chiefly using glass compared to the sconce. The modern designers club the two under the same category. 


Services like the Cohen visual comfort sconces have various fixtures like a single reflector, Cosmopolitan 30-inch picture light, swing arm, double swing arm, caged small sconce, etc. Many designers come up with an infinite number of innovative fixtures. The most common materials to manufacture these are metal, glass, ceramic, crystal, plastic, etc. These can be established both indoors and outdoors. The designer fixtures add a layer of lighting to the ambiance and help set the right mood. 

Placement Tips 

A sconce in the corridor adds the right amount of light. One can also add the fixture in the reading corner for the ideal placement. Small bedrooms often cannot keep table lamps without enough space. But these can come to the rescue and offer adequate light at the bedside. It can also be used in areas like entrance, hall tables, sideboards, or serving tables. A sconce in the dark corners can make the space appear more prominent. In most instances, the work of a fixture is not to provide a lot of light. The aim is to light up darker spaces in a larger area with adequate styling. 



  • There are various decorative fixtures, but the sconces are timeless. They are more aesthetic compared to others and can be put to great use in almost every room. When placed with antique furniture or decor, it gives a pleasing visual experience. 


  • These are available in multiple designs, styles, and themes. They can both complement existing decor or stand alone as an attractive home decor element. First, identify the area where the lighting is required and then consult the designer to choose the correct fixture. 


  • Lighting can consume a considerable part of electricity in a house. However, these lights can help in reducing energy efficiency. It can help save energy bills and also make the space appear fancy.

Final Thoughts 


The fixtures can be anything from subtle to bold. A sconce appears great when placed 6 to 6-½ feet above the floor. It might be installed lower at the bedside or dinner table. These lights fulfill both practical and decorative needs and are a great way to brighten spaces. Installing it is relatively straightforward, apart from a few. Get in touch with the right designer for appropriate advice and guidance. 


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