A Few Rainy Season Essentials for Safe Monsoon Vacationing

Rain is one of the best parts of Nature – it promises to purify old wounds and introduce fresh times every time in rains. 

Every time the heavens pour, it is the sound of their happiness and joy and hope that a new day will be a good one. 

It is officially monsoon in India, one of the best times for a vacation with your family or your partner. 

The downside of monsoons is… don’t take care of yourself and you’re bound to catch a nasty cold or worse. 

Thus, you must take care of yourself and not let the rains spoil your health or catch a cold. Read on to find out some of the rainy season essentials you must carry in order to have a great monsoon vacation.


Waterproof Bag

One of the most important things used in rainy season is waterproof bags. Carry a waterproof bag; that way, your electronics and your food will remain dry and warm inside, despite the cold and the wetness outside. To this, add a secondary layer of synthetic and lightweight rain cover or liner for protection. 

You can also buy a rain cover for your bag – just like how a raincoat covers your body completely, so does the rain cover for your bag. It can come in very handy for a monsoon vacation. 


Waterproof Boots and Socks

When there is any change in temperature, our feet are the first to feel it. Hence, it is essential that you keep them warm and dry during your monsoon vacation. You can buy a pair of waterproof boots and socks, so your feet will be safe. 

These will come in handy when you’re exploring a rainforest in the monsoon – leeches are a hazard here. They are creatures that stick to a human body and suck their blood out for their own nutrition. So, they are not very safe to host. 


Silica Gel Packs 

Silica Gel Packs are known to be boot fresheners, which can easily be found at your nearest supermarket. Buy a few packets and keep them in your boots when going out in rain. This will add an extra layer of protection for your feet by absorbing any extra moisture and feet your feet as well as your clothes dry and fresh. 



Umbrella is another rainy season essential. It is an important component for both heavy rains as well as extreme heat of the sun. You never know when an umbrella may save your day! 



Like an umbrella, a raincoat is one of the rainy season essentials. If a regular raincoat proves to be heavier to carry on a hike, you can wear an ultralight raincoat, so the extra weight doesn’t get added. Though an umbrella serves the same purpose, since you actually wear a raincoat, it is easier to handle. With an umbrella, one of your hands will always be busy. 


Waterproof Plastic Ziplock 

Waterproof plastic ziplock bags are rainy season essentials, too. It is best to keep all your electronic items and others that get destroyed by water. These bags will keep such items safe and dry. For example, your watch, credit and debit cards, money, and cell phones. Plastic ziplock bags will let you roam through the rains free of worry and blissful. 


These are some of the things used as travel essentials. Monsoon is a great time for vacation travel, but do carry all the rainy season essentials, so you and your family will not catch a cold or worse. Do book your flights with Indian Eagle for low travel expenses. 

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