A Guide to Renting a Forklift – How to Choose the Right One

When your thriving business in Australia experiences a sudden upsurge of work, and you need to expand, renting is your best option. A rented forklift operates as well as a bought one, and you can easily transition from renting to buying. Your new forklift is there to fill in and cover while there is a sudden need, but there is no reason not to keep him permanently after it’s all over. Think of renting as trying out, and you will soon realize why it’s beneficial. Besides that, here are a couple more factors to consider.

1. Your work environment

Where is your forklift needed? Are you operating inside a warehouse with gravel, asphalt or some other material on its surface? Is it an open warehouse or a closed and airconditioned one? Do your forklifts need to go in and out all the time thus switching surfaces on which they operate? Or is your new forklift needed out in the open, loading, unloading, moving and lifting while on the dirt and asphalt, exposed to the elements?

Maintaining a spotless workplace is easier on the inside and makes the forklift move without obstruction when compared to the outside. All of these factors contribute to the type of forklift you’ll need. An indoor or outdoor one, relative to the surface they’ll need to operate, is an important distinction.

2. The driving factors

What type of energy drives your future forklift? Is it gas or diesel? Maybe solar energy charges your forklift batteries? Whatever the answer, your future forklift must fit into your business, not vice versa. If your driving park consists of diesel-powered forklifts, get a similar one. Don’t stray too far from your established routine, as your infrastructure and logistics will struggle to keep up.

Mixing forklift types leads to unwanted complications, leading to further investments. Each forklift type has its ups and downs, but they don’t matter if your existing vehicle part is all gas, for example. When it comes to fuel, don’t mix and match but blend in.

3. The legal aspect

Driving a forklift is one thing, but battling the legal papers can drive you nuts. However good of a deal you get, it can diminish and cause a headache over the smallest of paragraphs and legally binding issues you’ve signed. As they say: “The devil is in the details.” so make sure to check the legal papers as well as inspect your future forklift. Finding a reliable partner to rent from is similar to finding a good business partner.

Picking any industry leader, like the professional and recommended MLA Holdings, saves you hustle, time and money. You want your forklift to come into play as soon as possible, but you also don’t want to get into a legal bind. A smooth transition, with minimal paperwork involved and with a good agreement, is what’ll grease the wheels for future collaboration.

4. Forklift attributes

Each tool has its use. Some forklift is built to narrow and tight spaces, where precision and agility is needed. Others can lift tons and lift them high up. When considering a fuel type, you should go with what you have, as we’ve mentioned above. But when looking at the attributes of a forklift, like its mass, lifting capacity, reach, tire type etc., then you need to look at your current needs. Forklifts are there to fill in for various requirements inside your business.

Maybe you have all forklifts you need for operating inside a warehouse, but you need a burly one to unload tons from a truck outside? Or do you need to lift heavy equipment several meters off the ground? The point is that your future renting forklift needs to be what your business demands it to be. As such, the attributes of the forklift will probably vary, when compared to your current vehicle park. This is perfectly fine because a diverse portfolio of equipment can tackle any challenge thrown at it.


Renting is another word for expansion, which is always a cause for celebration. Moving up in the business world, expanding with greater numbers, and tackling new challenges is always a profitable endeavor. One where your future forklift will measure up to the task and lift you toward new successes!

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