A honing rod is used to make sure an edge is straight

Most sharpeners sold at retail have no mechanism for indicating the desired cutting angle of the blade. Rather, the user must guess a suitable angle based on experience. It has been determined that the average person needs to sharpen a knife every six months, or approximately one-half of one revolution on a grinder.

It would be advantageous to provide a sharpening Gopolli system that can be used on an electric knife, and that can be used to determine and set the cutting angle of the blade. The present invention is directed to meeting these needs.

In U.S. Pat. No. 5,603,407, “Sharpening apparatus”, there is disclosed a “sharpening apparatus”. This invention discloses a “sharpening apparatus”, having a housing, a blade rotatably mounted therein, a shaft engaging the housing and blade to allow rotation thereof, a motor coupled to the shaft, and a microprocessor to receive data from a user to vary the speed of the motor in response thereto. The microprocessor controls the rotation of the shaft and blade.

and effort. A honing rod is used to make sure an edge is straight (not skewed) and smooth, after which a file is used to refine the blade. This process should be repeated until the knife is as sharp as possible.

It is not always easy to find the right tool, especially for people who are just starting out in knife sharpening. Diamond sharpeners, or more accurately “knife sharpeners,” have made it easier to sharpen all types of knives. These machines grind away metal, instead of polishing it, and sharpen the edge. However, these tools have a major disadvantage over traditional methods. They tend to wear out blades too fast. This is because the material being ground away by the sharpener is typically thinner than the actual edge. The grinding material also tends to become clogged, and eventually needs to be replaced.

There are different types of electric sharpeners available on the market. Most of them have two parts: the base and the sharpener. The base connects to an electric supply, which runs the sharpener. You need to buy a sharpener that has sharpening strips, a mechanism to guide the sharpening material to the correct angle, and a storage compartment.

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