Advanced Features and Services of the Gojek Clone App

Integrating advanced features in an application is a must when you are developing a platform for a tech-savvy audience. Gone are the days when customers used to manually call taxi companies to book taxis or fix an appointment with a doctor. It’s 2023, and no one has the time to look outside their phones. So, why not leverage this app usage habit and turn it into a profitable business? Well, you can now allow your customers to book on-demand taxis, hire personal shoppers, video call their delivery drivers, etc., all from a single platform – the Gojek Clone App!

The online service booking platform is integrated with hundreds of advanced features that have been carefully designed to give optimum results to users. Moreover, they are meant to make service bookings and delivery a piece of cake for users.

So, let’s take a look at a few ground-breaking features that make it possible for customers to book any service they want, keep a tab on it, and give feedback!

Mind-blowing App Features For your On-demand Service Business

Listed here are just a handful of amazing features that add a chef’s kiss to your on-demand multi-service app.

So, if you want your Gojek Clone App to gain loads of profits, take a close look at these features.

Select preferred professionals

The app allows users to search for and hire a professional that they prefer. For instance, if a user wants to hire a massage therapist, they can look at who’s nearby, their bio, portfolio, ratings & review, etc.

Based on these criteria, they can compare the different professionals and finally choose to hire the one they like the most.

Also, they can look at all the service charges easily before making a decision.

Choose a preferred payment option

The app has a cash payment option as well as an online one. Depending on what your customers want, they can choose to pay in cash after the service is completed or directly pay online via their wallet or credit card.

All the online transactions that happen via the Gojek Clone App are secured and done under the preview of the local Payment Gateway Company.

Say, your app is operational in Brazil and you have integrated Zoop Payment Gateway. It is Brazil’s well-known gateway company that ensures that every online transaction is secured and protected from hackers!

Track the professional’s live location

Any app that offers delivery services like food, groceries, medicines, taxi services, or at-home car washing, cleaning, beauticians, etc., needs this feature.

Live location tracking of the driver or other booked professionals allows customers to stay updated about their arrival. They know where they are at the moment and how much time it will take them to reach the location.

This gives complete visibility to the customer and helps them efficiently track their location.

Connect via internet calling

The user and the provider can efficiently connect via internet calling on the Gojek Clone App. This helps them to communicate easily on the call throughout the arrival of the provider at the customer’s location.

Thus, they can use this calling facility to ask about routes, clarify doubts about the service offering, and so on.

On top of normal voice calling, the app now allows them to connect via video calls. However, this option is available only with taxi and delivery services!

In Conclusion:

Are you excited to learn more about this app? Or do you want to take a thorough test of how this app works, then, you need to get the demo Gojek Clone App.

Testing this demo for a long time will help you understand how this app works, what comes integrated with it, how to customize it, and so on.

So, connect with professional app developers right now and test the demo application.

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