All You Need To Know About AC Servicing

Opting for a regular servicing and maintenance program for your air conditioners is necessary. It not only helps you stay comfortable during the hottest days of the summer, but it also reduces the overall maintenance cost and electricity consumption in the long run. Here is all the information you need to know before opting for a Carrier AC service or AC servicing for any other brands.

Why Do You Need A Regular Maintenance For Your AC?

Every machine needs regular maintenance to function well. But the case with an air conditioner is slightly different. An air conditioner helps keep your room cool on hot and humid summer days. But it would be best if you made sure that the cool air you breathe is clean and free of dust and other pollutants. 

If the filters of your AC are not regularly serviced, they can harm any person suffering from respiratory issues. Routine maintenance and cleaning will keep your filters and the coils clean, ensuring the smooth functioning of your machine. If you ignore this maintenance, you might experience a constant decline in the performance of your AC.

How Frequently Should You Consider Servicing Your AC?

The need for regular servicing of your AC depends on the frequency of its use. However, your AC filters need to be cleaned every month or two during peak seasons. AC filters come in various types. 

Some are reusable after proper cleaning, while others need replacement. However, if you live in a dusty environment or have fur babies at your home, you need to pay frequent attention to servicing your machine.

What Are The Most Important Parts Of Your AC That Needs Frequent Servicing?

Before searching for any AC service near me, you need to know all its services. While some parts of your AC can work for an extended period without service, some need routine cleaning and service checks. Some of these are discussed below:

Filters in Your Air Conditioner:

The efficiency of purifying and cooling the air in your room is done by the filters present within the AC. Your owner’s duty is to get it serviced and cleaned at regular intervals. Clogged filters reduce efficiency by impacting the amount of airflow.

This can lead to further issues with airflow obstruction; air tends to bypass the filter and accumulate into the evaporator coil directly. This disrupts the coil’s capacity to absorb heat. Moreover, it has been found that cleaning the air conditioner filter can reduce the machine’s energy consumption by 10-15%.

AC Coils:

A clean filter prevents the evaporator and condenser coils present in the AC from soiling quickly. Checking your evaporator coil every year and cleaning it if it accumulates with dirt can help you increase its ability to absorb heat.

If your environment is dusty, you must pay special attention to the condenser coils. You can quickly check whether any pollutants are gathering on its fins. It is recommended that you try to reduce the exposure to dust and dirt near the condenser unit of your AC.

Coil Fins:

Anyone can easily see the aluminium fins on the evaporator and condenser coils. This is highly vulnerable to dirt and debris. Therefore, one should regularly clean the coil fins to secure the proper functioning of the evaporator and the condenser coils. 

What Does An AC Servicing Include?

An AC servicing will include all the following activities and responsibilities of a technician.

Cleaning the AC Filter:

The primary responsibility of a technician who is called to service an AC is to clean the filter. A filter is one of the main parts of an AC that purifies the air and improves the quality of air inside the room. Clogged filters will eventually lead to more energy consumption and poor performance.

Cleaning The Evaporator And Condenser Coils:

The accumulation of dust and debris heavily affects the working of evaporator and condenser coils resulting in malfunction. As a result, these coils need cleaning and servicing at least once a year to avoid sudden breakdowns.

Checking For Any Leakages:

The appointed technician also checks for cracks or leakages inside the AC unit. This includes an inspection of the tubes and pipes present in your AC. If there is any leakage in the pipes and tubes, water will start dripping, making you uncomfortable. In case of any replacements, the technician will suggest you at the earliest so that you can act on the replacement process as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts:

It is always recommended that you take assistance from renowned AC servicing companies who offer experienced professionals for servicing. These professionals have years of experience in this fielded and can perform the work efficiently without ambiguity.

Book an appointment with an expert professional online and service your AC before this summer to enjoy a relaxed and healthy environment inside your house. Moreover, you can also ask the technician for some suggestions on how to keep your AC functioning well during the peak months and increase its efficiency.


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