An Analytical Look at the Windows Reseller Plans

Reseller hosting delivers scads of boons, be it the website set up at the user end. Or a hosting startup using the Linux or Windows Reseller Plans from a parent company and making a profit. Therefore, many web users prefer to go with reseller hosting. However, if you are also thinking about pursuing reseller hosting for your business setup, you must know what you get in a plan.  

So let’s scan over the cheap windows reseller hosting plans in detail.

Able-to-host Domains/ Sites in 1 Account

In the reseller plan, the parent host offers the number of websites that you can host using one account. You get the website folder, log file directory, application settings, FrontPage configurations, control panel login, and much more for your hosting account.

Some hosts permit 15 websites, some 35 or 50, and some allow unlimited websites depending on the plan. So when you are going to select a plan, make sure to check how many websites are permitted. Besides, if you are satisfied with your host, you can increase your acquired hosting accounts to limitless.

Core Features

Bandwidth, web space, and CPU cores are the rudiments, yet they vary from host to host and the plans’ pricing. You can get from 10 Gb to 550 Gb or unlimited web space. The top priority here should be the quality.

SSD drives are non-volatile, faster, provide more power efficiency, and store persistent data on solid-state flash memory. Similarly, high-performance CPUs can run multiple programs simultaneously and can constantly retrieve/ input information into software systems.

So it would be best to get SSD storage, high-end CPUs, and adequate bandwidth to accommodate all traffic without slowing or causing downtime. Thus, you can get more out of the hosting for you and your customers.


MySQL Database & MSSQL Database

SQL databases have always been the first choice when it comes to web products. It is because they offer High speed, portability, multiple data view, and quick and efficient record retrieving while needing less code. Therefore, a wide range of applications requires MySQL and MSSQL databases at the backend. So these databases are always (and should be) the part of Windows Reseller Plans.

Email/ FTP Accounts/ Sub Domains 

Almost all the reseller plans come with an unlimited option for emails, Sub Domains, and FTP Accounts. Not only the unlimited email accounts but the Spam free email addresses for your business. What we mean is your customers have to create business email accounts for their domains. So as the host, you should have access to unlimited email accounts. So you can create business emails for your customers. Further, you can leverage the latest SmarterMail web interface to manage the mailbox.

Control Panel

Parent hosts allow complete control of the account and the servers in reseller hosting using an easy-to-use control panel. 

Among web panels, Plesk and cPanel are the hotshots. However, as cPanel doesn’t work on Windows, so Plesk is the next big name. Alongside Plesk, a wide range of control panels for Windows are available in the market. You need to check which control panel(s) the host offers and if your convenient hosting panel is added to the plan.

Plesk allows automation and easy management with a variety of admin tools and the highest level of compatibility. So you can decide on the Plesk reseller hosting to turn on these benefits for you. It can help you customize your control panel following your brand and logo specifically for each client. In turn, your clients see only your brand name.

Free Setup

In addition to other viable features, many web hosts offer free hosting activation with Windows Reseller Plans. That is setting up the windows reseller server setup without charging you extra money outside the fixed price scope.

Nevertheless, if the host charges you, it still will not hit your bank. The primary concern is the time; setup should be instant. So you can be accessible and kick-start your business faster.

Technologies Compatibility 

Windows is a Microsoft product. So people often plan to use Windows servers to get a compatible hosting platform with their integrated technologies. For instance, .Net core, Asp Net, Crystal Reports, Visual Studio, and other development like PHP, Node JS, ASP, and non-development-related technologies. That being said, Asp Net and Crystal Reports are pretty popular among web users. Similarly, Node JS has also drawn the attention of leading brands and corporations.

What if your customers also need a windows server with any of them? Your hosting business should be able to support them. So your signed-up package and plan(s) should have all Microsoft technologies support as a must-have.

CMS Compatibility 

Similar to the above, you also need to take into account the content management systems (CMS). The Windows Reseller Plans should offer easily hosting for custom websites/ apps, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and the other scripts.


The reseller plans incorporate add-ons like CDN, paid & free Let’s Encrypt SSL, and more. Thus, they make the hosting environment secure and more powerful in functionality. So you can check out which add-ons the parent host offers. Also, the cost it charges for them.  

Customer Support

Of course, we aren’t going to miss customer support. The parent host is responsible for offering support using different channels so you can access the solutions at the right time. Frequent channels can be live chat, emails, and ticket systems. 

Navicosoft owns a reputation among the best cheap windows reseller hosting providers. Alongside the affordable prices, the bulk of features is also available. In addition, the please check reseller hosting helps the hosting businesses customize the control panel according to the brand and logo.

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