Ask a Car Accident Lawyer: 6 Tips for Getting a Settlement After Being Injured in an Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident in San Antonio and the other driver is at fault, you may be seeking a settlement for your injuries. However, there are many wrong ways to go about seeking a settlement for injuries sustained due to a car accident. Hiring a top car accident injury lawyer in San Antonio is a great place to start. However, there are many more steps that car accident victims can take. Find out what in this guide.

Ask a Car Accident Lawyer: 6 Tips for Getting a Settlement After Being Injured in an Accident

1. Conduct an Investigation at the Scene

The first step that car accident victims must take to successfully obtain a settlement for their car accident injuries begins at the scene of the accident itself. If possible, a car accident victim should immediately begin investigating the scene of the accident. This process includes taking note of the time and place of the accident as well as vehicle damage and injuries sustained. Accident victims can also ask for the contact details of witnesses at the scene and take photographs.

This consideration is often overlooked by car accident victims due to the sudden stress and emotional rollercoasters often associated with such incidents. However, neglecting to gather this information could make it more difficult for the accident victim to seek a settlement.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Damages

There are a variety of different factors that determine the approach that car accident victims can take as they navigate the post-accident process. It is critical that car accident victims understand the different types of damages and how these damages apply to their unique situations. Car accident victims must be able to file their insurance claims while mentioning the various forms of legally recognized damages that they have suffered due to the accident.

These damages can be physical, mental, emotional, or fiduciary and can include various things such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, lost earning potential, and more. If the victim can not prove that they have suffered these damages, reaching an acceptable settlement becomes far less likely, leaving the victim with no access to compensation.

3. Share Evidence to Support Your Claim

Once an accident victim has determined which damages apply to their situation, they need to prove that those damages apply by sharing the appropriate information with all involved parties. A reserve account is set up from the moment that an insurance claim is received. That reserve account influences the compensation that the victim may receive through a settlement. However, if there is little information to support the claim, then the reserve and the corresponding settlement will be small.

Insurance providers often attempt to pressure accident victims to settle for a low amount when the reserve account is small because the provider won’t have enough money set aside to pay for the claim. By sharing information about injuries, their occupation, and lost wages when filing their claim, accident victims can start with a large reserve account and avoid being pressured by the opposing party’s insurance provider to accept a small settlement.

4. Do Not Accept the First Settlement Offer

The at-fault party’s insurance provider often attempts to contact the accident victim quickly following the accident to offer a settlement in an attempt to appear cooperative. However, the opposing insurance company’s first settlement offer is always far less than is acceptable. These providers hope to take advantage of the victim’s immediate financial and medical stress.

However, what appears to be a lot of money to the accident victim is typically a small amount when compared to their long-term bills and suffering. Some injuries and conditions may take a while to manifest after an accident. If the victim has already accepted a subpar settlement by the time that happens, it is already too late to consider these new damages. By accepting the settlement, the victim foregoes any further compensation.

5. Have a Target Settlement Amount in Mind

By compiling their information regarding the damages that they have suffered and the expenses they have paid, such as repair bills and medical treatment costs, accident victims should be able to come up with a rough estimate of the amount that they are entitled to as part of their settlement. This helps the victim approach negotiations with a plan that can enhance their chances to receive maximum compensation.

6. Hire the Best Car Accident Injury Lawyer in San Antonio

Almost all of the aforementioned steps are exceedingly difficult to do without the help of a car accident injury lawyer. That’s why we recommend that car accident victims reach out to a top San Antonio car accident lawyer. These professionals are familiar with legally recognized damage categories and how they impact a victim’s filing options.

Car accident lawyers also gather evidence, negotiate with the opposing party’s insurance provider, and create a target settlement amount as well as a plan to ensure that their clients receive the desired settlement amount. Doing so makes the post-accident process far more manageable and increases the odds of a fair and successful settlement.

There are many things that car accident victims can do enhance their chances of settling. By following these tips and hiring the top car accident injury lawyer in San Antonio, car accident victims can get the settlement that they deserve!

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