Benefits of sleeping with your legs elevated

An adjustable bed is much more than a piece of furniture. They are an accessory that can enhance the lifestyle of those who choose to use them. The truth is that we spend a lot of our time in bed. To put it another way, a person can spend years lying down in bed. We believe that this is a good idea. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make their bed comfortable, as well as provide additional benefits. Today’s post is going to discuss something new: the benefits of having your legs raised when you sleep.

Relieve those legs

If you have leg problems such as sciatic nerve pain or varicose skin, the best adjustable bed frame will allow you to relax and rest comfortably. Gravitation works to pull the body down throughout the day. It can lead to sore backs, tired legs, poor circulation, and even heart attacks. The body will relieve itself by elevating the legs to sleep. Venous blood is then pumped back towards vital organs such as the heart to replenish it. People will experience a more relaxed and peaceful sleep if the blood is circulating in these areas. Below, we’ve listed the benefits of sleeping with your legs elevated and the conditions that this type of sleeping can help alleviate.

Overall, better blood circulation

Although it might seem odd, elevating your legs can help increase blood flow to your feet. By elevating your legs and feet above your heart, gravity will help move blood from the lower parts of the body toward the upper half. This allows for more efficient circulation of fresh blood and less work for the heart to pump it throughout the body. People experience smoother blood flow and have a better environment to rest their hearts.

Reduce chronic back pain symptoms

The best way to alleviate chronic back problems is to sleep with your legs elevated. The sciatic nerve, being the longest nerve in the body, can cause discomfort for individuals when it becomes inflamed. The sciatic nerve runs from the spinal cord to the lower back, through the buttocks, and finally down into the feet. The nerve can be irritated due to inflammation, compression, or pain. This can lead to leg and foot pains, as well as lower back pains, and even numbness. The best way to relieve symptoms is to lie on your back and elevate your knees. The position of this condition is difficult to achieve with a normal bed. But an adjustable bed makes it simple for the patient to place their knees in the right position.

Find out more about our adjustable mattresses

We appreciate your time in reading our blog regarding the benefits of sleeping with elevated legs. There are many options to elevate the legs during the night. However, the adjustable bed team believes that an adjustable platform bed is the best. Adjustable beds don’t imply that you can just put pillows under your legs to get the best results. Instead, you get a functional piece that makes it easy to raise your legs during sleep. To determine which mattress is right for you, look at the mattress ratings it has received from independent sources.

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