Best 32 inch LED TV: Small Screens For Any Budget

In the world of creative technology with newer innovations coming to the fore every now and then, your gadget or device will most likely run out of its prime time soon. An old television set may be giving you more lag than what’s tolerable, poorer picture quality, or simply lacking in features such as smart functions. 

Perhaps it is time to switch your old set for a new 32-inch LED TV on EMI, and you need not necessarily spend an exorbitant amount on the same. The range of 32-inch LED TVs is designed to suit a wide variety of customers, so you can keep your resources intact and continue to enjoy a world-class television-watching experience. 

Features of 32-Inch LED TVs

Haier TVs with a screen size of 32 inches are more than just plain economical options when it comes to buying a television set. They come packed with a plethora of features such as multiple picture modes for the ultimate viewing experience. Customize your setting in accordance with your movies, Night Mode, TV shows and more. A unique 3D Comb Filter helps in adding depth, which contributes to the crisp and lifelike quality of the graphics. Enjoy auto volume leveller with the Haier 32-inch LED TV, and stream your favourite movies for hours!

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What are the perks of a small 32-inch Smart TV?

One of the most important aspects of a 32-inch TV is the sheer low-cost availability of the device, which comes in handy for a wide variety of customers anywhere. In essence, you need not dig into your savings to enjoy comfortable and quality viewing. Combined with smart features, such a TV can prove to be the ideal item for you. Smart features allow you to connect your device to wireless networks with connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, remote control operation and basic access to the functions of the TV with mobile apps. What that means is more convenience and intelligent technology that adapts itself according to your modern requirements. 

What to look for in a 32-inch Smart TV?

When looking for a 32-inch smart TV, you can make a checklist of items to tick depending on your priority. For one, most of the customers wish to have sleek, compact and modern-looking TVs to fit comfortably in their living rooms so as to occupy minimum space. For others, it perhaps is more convenient to buy a TV that has internet access and steady Wi-Fi connectivity among other options such as Bluetooth, HDMI or USB ports. Additionally, you can look for assured warranties on the TV set, so you can continue to use it for a long time with no worries.

Popular Haier 32-inch LED TV options

At the Bajaj Mall, you are presented with a host of popular and in-demand Haier TVs. Some of the hottest-selling options include the following.

Haier 80 cm (32-inch) HD Ready LED TV  (LE32B9000)

Want to enjoy world-class graphics on a TV that takes up minimal space? The Haier 32-inch LE32B9000 model can prove to be the ideal option for you. With HD Ready resolution (1366 x 768 pixels), you can enjoy crisp, lifelike graphics on the compact screen that can fit in comfortably without causing any hassle. You can connect your Haier TV to external devices with its HDMI and USB 2.0 input ports. Plug in your pen drive and stream movies as you like!

Haier 32-inch LED Full HD TV (LE32D1000)

Another popular option is the Haier 32-inch LED TV (LE32D1000), which comes with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The Haier TV can give you powerful audio with its built-in speakers that pump 16W output, so you can experience theatre-like viewing right within the comforts of your walls. Worried about unnecessary lags? The 32-inch LED TV has a 60Hz refresh rate, so it can provide you with clear, smoother viewing like never before.

Buy 32-inch LED TVs from the Bajaj Mall

Fortunately, it is now simple to make luxury purchases with options such as online platforms that can give you exclusive discounts and offers. At 100 per cent digital platforms such as the Bajaj Mall, you can buy a 32-inch LED TV on No Cost EMI and pay your amount in bite-sized instalments over a period of 3 to 24 months. Furthermore, you can pick a Haier TV on EMI from a select range and avail of a zero down payment policy, which allows you to make your purchase without paying a single penny at the outset! Plan your finances accordingly, and bring home the new LED TV with no worries.

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