Best Couch Fabric Recommendations For Dog Owners

If you’re a pet dog or cat owner, you’ll be pretty much aware of the damage these animals can cause to furniture upholstery. And, no matter how well-trained your pet animal is, the upholstery fabric of your indoor furniture would still be susceptible to scratches, hair inclusions, claw marks, etc.

With that being said, animals can’t be made to understand this liability, and therefore, the only possible solution that you can opt for is the choice of animal-friendly fabrics for your furniture upholstery. Coming toward some hard-wearing upholstery choices, there are a lot of fabric options but only some of them can withstand the rigors of owning a pet.

Some Of The Best Upholstery Fabric Choices For Dog Owners

Adding to the previous discussion, we’re going to explain some of the dog-friendly fabric materials that can stand up to the damage caused by animal claws and urination effects. Besides, these fabric materials comprise tensile strength that will prevent them from getting ripped apart up to a certain limit of force. So, let’s move on to our first consideration in the list.

1. Genuine Leather Fabric

Indeed, a good choice for pet owners; real leather won’t allow the dog’s hair or fur to stick to the upholstered furniture surface. Adding to that, leather accounts for scratch-resistant features thus, eradicating the risk of damage due to the dog’s claws. Also, you can prevent scratch damage to the upholstery Dubai fabric just by keeping the nails/claws of the dog trimmed.

However, one thing that even leather can’t offer is the prevention of upholstery surface darkening. This usually happens if your dog has a favorite spot and always sits at that specific place on the couch. And if that’s the case, you can make use of slipcovers to protect leather upholstered furniture in your home.

Also, discoloration of the leather upholstered furniture can happen if the dog’s urination is left untreated. Therefore, you should take care of this damage aspect.

2. Microfiber

One of the best synthetic fiber choices; microfiber is a hard-wearing fabric that offers resistance to scratch damage. Also, the flexibility of this fabric won’t allow your dog to easily rip apart the upholstery of your furniture. Adding to that, this is a type of fabric that doesn’t allow fur or hair to stick to the upholstery surface thus, offering ease of cleaning.

Speaking of microfiber cleaning, you can simply hand wipe the hair accumulating on the upholstery surface or can also make use of a lint brush to remove hair from the upholstery fabric. Coming toward the aspect of discoloration, microfiber doesn’t get stained until and unless gets greased or oiled.

3. Denim Fabric For Furniture Upholstery

Of course, you’ll have heard of denim as a durable, easy-to-clean, and rugged fabric option and that’s also right. And therefore, denim can make another good choice when it comes to buying animal-friendly upholstery fabrics.

Apart from being super tough in construction (extreme fabric strength), denim also accounts for a protective, breathable upholstery surface. Therefore, denim upholstered furniture won’t allow your dog to clench its teeth into the fabric structure thus, preventing the upholstery from getting ripped apart.

Besides, the tight weave fabric structure of denim will resist hair and fur twigs on the upholstery surface.

4. Canvas Upholstery Fabric

Canvas can be used both as a furniture upholstery fabric and in the form of slipcovers to protect your upholstered furniture against the effects of pet damage. Canvas is a comfortable and highly durable upholstery fabric besides comprises a tight weave thus, adding smoothness to the fabric structure.

Ease of cleaning, sheer fabric strength, and a wide range of color choices are all characteristic features of canvas fabric. However, canvas can be considered a rare fabric in the case of furniture upholstery. That’s why we’ve recommended using slipcovers made from canvas to protect your upholstered furniture against hazards of animal damage.

5. Outdoor Upholstery Fabrics

If you’re a dog owner, then furniture placed in your home outdoors demands to be upholstered with fabrics that are hard-wearing, resilient, and resistant to scratches thus, being animal-friendly.

In that case, acrylic can be the best choice as it fulfills all the above-mentioned requirements. And choosing acrylic won’t limit the options of color choices to help you add a colorful, refreshing touch to the outdoor space.

Some Additional Fabric Buying Tips

When buying animal-friendly fabrics for your home furniture upholstery, you should always look for an option that has a tight weave (fabric strength), is durable, resilient, and offers resistance to stains and scratches.

Also, choosing an option with patterns, stripes, and textured surfaces should be prioritized so as to hide pet hair and dirt better. Last but not least, you should avoid chenille, velvet, and silk fabrics for upholstering your home furniture as all of these are not animal-friendly and will get damaged soon after.

The EndNote!

In this article, we’ve described leather, microfiber, denim, canvas, and acrylic (for outdoor furniture) as the best upholstery fabric choices, in case, you’re a pet owner. All these types of fabrics are durable, and resilient, and offer resistance to stains and scratches. Besides, the tight weave fabric options will come in handy as they will not get ripped apart easily, in case, the upholstery fabric is already ruptured. Hence, you can choose any of these upholstery fabrics for being animal-friendly in the true sense.

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