Best places to enjoy dinner and a show in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its skyline buildings, deserts, yacht rental Dubai and ports among tourists and locals. Each year, a flock of people plans holidays to spend in Dubai. However, Dubai is a hub of entertainment. Nowadays, dance floors are changed into dinner tables and live music. Thus, this makes a big change in the field of entertainment. Furthermore, at night, Dubai glows with full spark.

There are many options to explore the modern lifestyle and living standards of the locals. Thus, you can plan a dinner and a show on the priority list. Lets’ have a look at those best places where we can have both at the same place.

  1.  Dream

The dream is located at the Address Beach Resort, JBR. It’s famous for its late-night lavish dinner with a combo of shows. Guests entertain themselves with the beauty of the restaurant and great sitting arrangements. However, the best part is its evening show which many people love to witness. So, you can come along with your friends and family to enjoy the event.

  1. Dubai Opera 

The beautiful building, Dubai opera, not only stuns the guests due to the architecture but also has many interesting things for them. Therefore, it is a hub for concerts, dramas, and shows. However, the shape of the building resembles a traditional dhow. When the guests enter the area, there is no need to remember what was there outside. Get yourself sunk in the beautiful aura of Dubai opera. Furthermore, many famous singers plan their concerts in this beautiful building. So, you can enjoy your dinner and live show in one place.

  1. Yacht rental Dubai 

Yacht rental Dubai offers a variety of yachts ranging from different sizes for dinner and entertainment. Lotus mega yacht dinner cruise is one of them that offers an incredible taste of food in the buffet and entertainment as well. The yacht is 220 ft in size and has 3 decks. However, this offers a great space for the guests to move. It is famous for its 5-star international buffet with a live cooking station and live music.

The crew members take extra care of the guests to make them comfortable. It’s a great option to choose from as you get many things at the same time like entertainment, dinner, and views. You can capture every moment with the eye of the camera.

  1. Dhow cruise Dubai 

Some people love to have traditional touch and they prefer to cruise along Dhow cruise like Alexandra dhow cruise DubaiIt’s a wooden dhow that offers plenty of entertainment options for the guests. At night, the famous buffet dinner with Tanura dance entertains everyone onboard. Witness the eye-catching views while cruising onboard. No one can resist praising such beauty. At night, the beautiful skyscrapers’ lighting looks adorable. It’s hard to forget the mesmerizing view and entertainment of a dhow cruise for anyone.

  1. Billionaire

Every night, Billionaire Dubai has something exciting for the guests in the form of live shows. Guests can enjoy the show to complement their delicious dinner. There is a variety of entertainment under one roof like dancers, singers, and performers. They show their talent and entertain the guests. The restaurant is very well-equipped and the stunning arrangement makes the guests speechless. Book a table to get real enjoyment.

  1. Q’s Bar & Lounge 

How can we forget the Q’s Bar & Lounge when discussing the dinner and entertainment places? Guests get entertained because of the jazz music which fills the heart of visitors with joy. The restaurant offers mouthwatering dinners and makes no compromise on the quality. You can enjoy delicious and hygienic food with authentic flavors here with some entertainment as well.

  1. The theater 

The theater is a perfectly designed place as there is a long catwalk stage and round tables around it. Guests can enjoy the delicious flavors of pizzas, steaks, and much more while enjoying the live show. The perfect design and the aura of the theater make it one of the best options to enjoy dinner and entertainment in the same place.

  1. Dubai 53

The interesting place 53 is named because it is located on the 53rd floor of the Sheraton Grand Hotel. The restaurant will serve food from different cuisines in authentic flavors and live entertainment shows. Moreover, guests love the ambiance of the area and get stunned by the choreographed performances. Delicious dinner of your favorite and the live events are the perfect combo to spend quality time at night in Dubai. Reserve your table and don’t miss the chance.

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