BuyRealGramViews: 10 Engaging Instagram Story Ideas for Food Bloggers

 The Story feature is one of the most popular features on Instagram. It is indeed the best way to engage with your followers. Instagram Stories are time-saving as it does not require much time to create a Story. Furthermore, it helps boost your profile by getting a broader reach as a more extensive audience views Instagram Stories. To bring more users to your profile, you can opt to buy instagram story views for more engagement on your Stories. You can also drive traffic to your blog from your Instagram Stories. Here are a few ideas to make your food blogging Stories impressive.

Why Should You Use Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are short and can be viewed only for 24 hours; this will help you experiment with different types of content your followers might enjoy watching on your Story. In addition, you can personalize your Story in the Highlights into categories that make it easier for followers want to view your content at a later time. Stories are a way to interact with your audience, get to know them, and build a personal connection with them.

Instagram Story Ideas for Your Food Blog

.1) Easy Recipies: Everyone is busy in today’s world, and people are looking for easy ways to do things. Easy cooking, too, has become a trend, where people are looking for time-saving recipes that need very few ingredients. Make recipes with readily available ingredients so more people can try them out. You can easily post these recipes on Stories as they are simple and quick.

2) Tips and Tricks: As an expert on food, you will know many tips and tricks to make the food items tastier. For example, you can give baking tips or any extra ingredients to add to make the dish taste better and even teach your viewers the dos and don’ts of cooking any specific food.

3) Give a Sneak Peek Into Your Next Recipe: Share a small video or a picture of your upcoming recipe in your Instagram Story. Your followers will look forward to your update. In addition, it will help to increase engagement on your profile significantly.

4) Promote an Old Blog Through Your Story: Instagram Stories is a great way to drive blog traffic. If you think an old blog needs more engagement, you can post a snippet of that blog and add the link to it on your Instagram Story. This way, even those who may not have noticed it can access your blog.

5) Try Out Trending Food Challenges: Keep an eye out for what food challenges are trending, and you can try them out. Then, post your reaction to them on your Instagram Story. For example, many food bloggers tested their spice tolerance by trying out the #spicynoodlechallenge. Trying out such challenges will help in your profile’s virality.

6) Behind the Scenes: Posting behind the scenes on your Instagram Story will let your audience realize your efforts in the content. For example, you can show your kitchen and the tools you use, and to make things fun, you can also show the mess you made while cooking.

7) Review Restaurants: As a food blogger, your followers greatly appreciate reviews of restaurants. When you go to a restaurant, you can post videos of its ambiance, the food you ate, and what you liked the most. Suggest what food is a must-try in that restaurant. If you discover a new restaurant you think your followers might like, tell your followers about that.

8) Explore Places: Every city and country has its specialty in food. So, when you visit any new place, try out the popular dishes there. Then, you can introduce those dishes on your Instagram Story to your followers. It will be helpful for them to know what to try if they visit the place.

9) Interactive Contents: You must interact with your followers to ensure they enjoy your content. Instagram Stories have many features that help you interact with them. You can use the Q&A option to answer any questions they have and also ask for suggestions. Do a poll and get to know your audience; you can ask them what type of content they prefer, what recipes they like, and their favorite foods. It helps you bond with them.

10) Share Other Users’ Content: Instagram allows you to share other users’ content on your Story. It is a great way to form connections with other content creators on the app. It will motivate them to share your content too. As a result, it will help you bring more people to your profile. Additionally, you can opt BuyRealGramViews to increase your profile engagement and drive traffic to your blog.

Final Thoughts

Instagram Stories gives you many features to make your content unique and creative. It is the right platform for you to attract your target audiences, interact with your followers and also promote your blog. You are establishing the presence of your blog with the help of Instagram. Try out these ideas for click-worthy Instagram Stories.















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