6 Proven Tips to get AIR 1 In CA Intermediate May 2023 Result

Are you preparing for the CA Intermediate May 2023 exam and looking for effective preparation tips? Some CA aspirants aim to score a single-digit rank (AIR), and why not! Being an AIR has its advantages regarding employment opportunities and salary. Now such students might wonder how to achieve a good CA Intermediate Result with an AIR 1. 

Many students aspire to achieve AIR 1, yet they fail to do so because they need to follow the right studying strategy and other essential tips. So, VSI Jaipur has brought the six essential proven strategies that will help you become a CA Intermediate topper.

VSI Jaipur is the best CA coaching in India and has taught thousands of CA students to achieve an AIR. These VSI preparation tips have helped several students to achieve their desired CA Intermediate results. 

Effective Tips to Score AIR 1 in CA Intermediate Result May 2023

1. Don’t Start Before Preparing an Actionable Study Plan

Students often overlook this step and believe that there is no need to do any planning. Thus, committing a huge blunder. If you don’t plan your studies, then it might be challenging on your part even to clear the papers. First, understand that CA is a professional course. Hence, learning overnight or memorizing a few questions won’t work here. 

Also, the CA Intermediate syllabus is vast, with two groups and eight papers. Hence, proper planning is essential to allocate sufficient time to all the subjects, their topics, and sub-topics and complete the syllabus on time. 

An actionable study plan involves a timetable you can follow, not just the one made under peer pressure. Understand your unique abilities, learning capabilities, memorizing capacity, and then create a plan.

Also, allocate enough time for both theoretical and practical papers. Create a study plan that will permit you to have at least three revisions and solve enough CA Inter question papers. These things can greatly impact your CA Intermediate result.

2. Join a CA Intermediate Classes with Good Past Results

Proper guidance is indispensable while preparing for the CA Intermediate. Securing AIR 1 takes complete clearance of the syllabus, a structured learning approach, and the support and guidance of coaching. Whether you take CA Intermediate online classes or offline classes, joining coaching is essential. 

Students trust VSI Jaipur since, over the last ten years, seven students have secured AIR 1. Whether you opt for online or offline classes, there will be no compromise on the quality of study and guidance. The teachers will always be there to guide you, resolve your doubts, and offer personalized guidance, and you will appear on all the mock tests. 

No matter what coaching you choose, always pick one after assessing their past CA Inter exam results, previous students’ reviews and feedback, and their faculty. 

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3. Follow Only the ICAI CA Inter Study Material

Following the ICAI CA Inter study material is vital to secure an AIR 1. However, it is a common mistake among students to ignore ICAI’s study material and choose other books. Learning from other books is not a problem, but ignoring the ICAI’s study material is.

To aid in exam preparation, they offer study modules, CA Inter RTPs, MTPs and previous year’s question papers, etc. These study materials can act as a guide on how what to expect from the CA Inter question papers, how to write the solutions, what can be the probable questions, the question pattern, and more. 

Yet to understand all this and learn how to write and present your answers, you need expert guidance in the form of CA Inter coaching.

4. Focus on Understanding Each Concept Rather than just learning

The most important thing to achieve the best CA Intermediate result is concept clearance. The syllabus is vast, and a student can’t memorize everything. Moreover, everything you learn in the CA Inter has a role in your professional life. Hence concept clearance matters a lot.

It will help you answer all the questions in the exam and prepare you to become a great CA professional with all the practical knowledge and expertise.

Hence, focus on concept clearance and keep asking doubts to your teachers until you don’t understand anything.

5. Revise the Complete Syllabus At Least 3 Times

The next important thing that affects your CA Intermediate result and the most important part of CA inter-preparation is revision. You can write in the exams only to the extent that you have remembered the content.

Create a schedule that allows for timely revision. Hence you must revise the entire syllabus at least three times.

6. Practice with CA Inter Question Papers and MTPs

Another important aspect of achieving good ca inter-exam result is practice. Fear, worry, and anxiety are key difficulties in excelling on the CA Intermediate examination. Moreover, if you strive to get the highest score possible on the test, you are much more likely to be influenced by such negative ideas. 

Therefore, you must take practice tests to adapt to a three-hour exam. Additionally, you should answer CA Inter question papers from past years to judge the complexity of the examination. Additionally, it will boost your confidence.


Hope these tips on how to achieve AIR 1 will help kickstart your preparation. Even if you want to achieve a better CA Intermediate Result, these tips will greatly work. 

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