Can you pull a muscle in your stomach?

Can you pull a muscle in your stomach?

Main symptoms, causes, and treatment guidelines

Stomach muscles are also termed abdominal muscles. People say it has stomach muscles, but it’s completely different. The stomach is an organ that helps in the digestion process of organisms.

This article will discuss randomly asked questions like, can you pull a muscle in your stomach?

In addition to it, we will discuss the main symptoms and causes of abdominal strain or muscle pull. This article will also cover details about the treatment guidelines for abdominal tear muscles.

 Can you pull a muscle in your stomach?

Before discussing our main objective in this article, let us elaborate on a very important aspect for you. Firstly it is essential to clear you about the abdominal muscles in the human body.

The abdominal muscles start from the chest cavity and go down below the belly button. All the muscles that are on the sides are also called abdominal muscles.

A pull in stomach muscle or abdominal muscle is common. People frequently have this strain in the muscles Whenever they overuse them.

So many causes can let your abdominal muscles pull.

Main causes for abdominal strain

Numerous reasons can cause abdominal strain. The intensity of the muscle pull in the abdominal area depends on the activity you are performing.

 Following are some of the main causes of lower abdominal muscle pain. Furthermore, these causes are a massive quantity of beer in the abdominal muscles.

· The first thing that can cause muscle pull, mainly the stomach pull, is performing an inappropriate exercise.

· It can also happen when the person does not warm up the muscles before exercise. Proper muscle stretch and warm-up are essential.

· Exercising the muscles, particularly the abdominal muscles, excessively.

· Lifting heavy objects and using core muscles can also cause a pull in the abdominal muscles. Because it directly involves these muscles; as a result, they get tight badly.

· Excessive coughing and sneezing for an extensive time. It can also result in muscle pull in the abdominal area. This mainly involves the sides and ribs area.

If you are assuming that what happens to our muscles when they pull? Or Can you pull a muscle in your stomach? So let us tell you the detailed workings of the muscles in our body.

Muscles Functionality

Our muscles are made of numerous small tissues that coordinate and show movement. These highly coordinated muscles work together and perform all decent shell functions of mobility.

When our muscles work extensively, the oxygen does not reach the cells properly. It results in aerobic respiration within the cells. The anaerobic respiration ultimately causes the production of lactic acid.

The accumulation of lactic acid in the abdominal muscle cells restricts the movement and causes pain.

Pulled stomach muscle from vomiting

If we see that you can pull a muscle in your stomach, vomiting can also be one main cause.

It is also seen that stomach muscles pull very badly from vomiting. Vomiting is the reverse movement of food and body fluid from the stomach. 

It takes the route from the stomach through the digestive tract and comes into the oral cavity.

 In vomiting, the muscles face extreme pressure that causes muscle strain in the stomach. Continuous vomiting produces more wear and tear of the muscles, and the pain is very intense.

 Pulled stomach muscle from vomiting Is usually not very common.

 Abdominal strain; symptoms

We have completed our section about discussing the main causes of stomach muscle pull.

Now let’s proceed towards a very important section of our article, the symptoms of stomach muscle pull or abdominal strain.

Following are the primary symptoms that one encounters due to abdominal muscle stretch.

1. People mainly with muscle strain faces soreness or tenderness in the abdominal muscles.

2. Swelling in the abdominal muscles can be in the side or add the core area. It depends on which muscles are stretched.

3. Severe pain is felt when touched or pressure is applied.

4. When muscles are pulled, they cannot move. Hence every little movement causes pain and uncomfortable feelings.

5. Bruising and muscle spasms in the abdominal region.

6. Feeling an extensive level of pain right after any hard exercise. Oblique muscle strain exercise causes pain in the sides, respectively.

We hope that now you can easily determine the cause of pain in your abdomen.

As we have completed our section on pulled stomach symptoms, let’s start with another important one.


Treatment for muscle stomach strain

As we all know, it is impossible to treat Abdominal muscle strain externally. Any variant here in the fibers of the abdominal muscle requires internal treatment.

 Although, massage on the stomach muscles or the abdomen area can help a lot in this regard.

 But the most effective and appropriate method for treating the torn muscle is to use proper medication.

 Resting the stomach muscles

In case of mild or medium strain, a person can work independently, and there is no need to go to the doctor.   

For that, you can stop all the extreme activities that use your abdominal or core muscles. This helps in regenerating torn stomach muscles and gives relief in pain.

 Ice pack covering of stomach muscle

 To couple with, one can take an ice pack and cover it with a cloth. Please put it on the abdominal muscles where you feel pain.

 Place it over there for almost 15 to 20 minutes. You can repeat this process two to three times each day. It helps in the relaxation of stomach muscles.

 Medical treatment

Suppose the condition of your torn stomach muscles is very severe. Then proper medication is necessary.

 Here, pain killers or pain-relieving chemicals are very appropriate. Moreover, the doctors can also Suggest some easy and effective stretches for the abdominal muscles.


1.       What does a torn stomach muscle feel like?

 The person in this condition feels intense pain depending upon their condition. They might also experience swelling or bruising in their stomach muscles.

 These conditions may become more intense if not treated properly.

2.        Can you pull a muscle in your stomach?

 Certainly yes, one can pull a muscle in his stomach due to any extreme activity, for example, exercise or lifting heavy objects.

 Pulled stomach muscle is a common problem of sports players.

3.       Can pull abdominal muscle be treated at home?

If there is a mild or medium strain in your abdominal muscles, then it can be treated effectively at home.

 Stop all the extreme abdominal activities, for example, AB exercises, etc.

Use an ice pack for the relaxation of stomach muscles.


Finalizing our complete discussion that can you pull your muscle in your stomach. Anyone can face this problem. And it is very easy to treat.

 But it is better to take all the precautions to avoid this condition.

We hope that this article has cleared all your queries about torn muscles in your abdominal area. Feel free to ask any query if it’s confusing you in your mind.



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