Capsule Wardrobe Guide for the Minimalist Style Personality

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that minimal style is the most sought-after and quite trendy in the fashion world. But it comes with the condition of keeping the details chic. Women who flaunt the minimalist style, look sophisticated, and powerful. They have this effective aura of being formal, dressed up, and hard to know. If you follow the classic closet style you pull off any look whether it is edgy, sporty, or soft.

The best Couture for ladies is those which are fuss-free. What is great about classic minimal style is that it is universally appealing and not heavily embellished. You have the liberty to tailor your clothes as per your preferences. And guess what! You can create these timeless looks with pieces that have been there in your wardrobe for decades.

Take advantage of our capsule wardrobe guide to keep you coordinated, compact, and fuss-free!

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Fixing the closet is always a little overwhelming. But decluttering it is in your favor. Imagine opening a closet full of your favorite pieces, just in the right order. Make different piles according to your preferences and take out what you don’t plan to wear. This is your first step to creating that dream wardrobe to create those neat and classy outfit combos!

Stick to Solids

When it comes to the capsule wardrobe, sticking to solids is a convenient strategy. You can easily mix and match them and create a variety of streamlined looks. Also, they can be easily repeated without attention being drawn to your limited pieces. Solid colors have a neat and controlled vibe. And that is something essential to a minimalist-style personality.

Prefer neutral hues such as navy and black. They are just right in every situation. Colors like white, camel, cognac and denim are also flattering. And let’s not miss the all-black look. No one loves it more than a woman with a classic minimal style.

Tailored Lines 

Tailored clothing lines reflect a tailored lifestyle that is your priority. When you have a busy life with a family and a job, you don’t want to wear clothes, which are distracting. You want to wear something that stays in place and once you put them on, you don’t want them to draw your attention again.

Typically, people with minimalist style personalities don’t like the idea of a wardrobe piece that interrupts their thought process and normal functioning. Sticking to a wardrobe that is not high maintenance is their definition of comfort. Since you don’t want to look and feel boring too, you need pieces, which fit perfectly. Therefore, invest time and effort in customizing your clothes. Seek the help of a tailor to make them look custom-made.

Add Personality with Clever Accessorizing

Don’t make your capsule wardrobe boring or dull. You don’t have to be all simple and meek. Invest in accessories, which can add personality to your clothing choices. Clever accessorizing can perk up your entire look. Since we are talking about minimal style, we are not recommending hoarding your closet with a variety of accessories. Stay minimalistic and get your hands on a few but classy accessories, which essentially go with your style.

Work out a flattering selection of bags, scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry pieces to keep all your ensembles classy and exciting. When in a hurry, throw a couple of key accessories over a minimal outfit and you will be all dressed up without having to spend hours coordinating your clothing pieces.

Embrace the Outfit Formulas

Being minimalists, we are all about reducing our fashion and decision fatigue. This was the prime reason behind our concise wardrobe! Therefore, befriending outfit formulas is in your interest. You must have heard about popular people like Mark Zuckerberg who wear the same outfits every day. This may be a little extreme case for you. You can go a little easy on yourself.

Outfit formulas work just like math formulas. You can stick to general formulas like a shirt, jeans, shoes, and a sweater. Or you can stick to a flared skirt, statement necklace, button-down shirt, and ballet flats. Another formula could be female pants, a collared blouse, pumps, and a blazer. You just need to explore what suits you better.

You may have some outfit formulas already. Utilize the visualization board and add some more exciting options to break the monotony!

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