Chatbot Customization for Ecommerce Sites – How to Do?

Brick-and-mortar stores are filled with sales representatives and guiding staff. When customers face any difficulty, they ask for their help and leave the store with a satisfactory shopping experience. On the contrary, in the case of ecommerce stores, people have no one to help them out, and they close sites without shopping. Most sites have Chatbots, but online users avoid interacting with them.

Online users avoid Chatbots because they do not consider them helpful and reliable. There is no doubt that it is a wrong perception. However, the visuals and character of bots do not let people think otherwise. The only solution is to customize the Chatbots according to your brand, service, and online image. When the bot looks helpful, people will take the initiative to ask for help.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to explore and learn how you can handle Chatbot customization for ecommerce sites and make them more engaging.

Top 6 Tips for Chatbot Customization for Ecommerce Sites

Adding a Chatbot to an ecommerce site is not a difficult job. However, it often goes unnoticed, and users avoid interacting with them or asking for help. It is because the bots lack personality and seem like a robot. You must work on their optimization and customization to make them more approachable. Following a few tips can help you boost the popularity of your bot.

Here are some of the major tips you can utilize to customize Chatbots for ecommerce websites.

1. Humanize the Bot

The forts and foremost tip you need to follow to customize Chatbot for ecommerce websites are humanizing the bot. Humanizing the bot means you should create a personality and develop traits that appear more human. It can boost the comfort of users and make the bot more interactive and helpful.

Creating and humanizing bit is not too easy for everyone as it requires technical expertise. Most businesses contact ecommerce website development solutions in Dubai and get the perfect platform with humanoid bots which boost their sales.

2. Display Bot Name:

Displaying the bot’s name is the second tip you must follow to customize chatbot development company for ecommerce sites. Human beings, pets, and even your products have names that distinguish and set them apart from others. So, why not name your Chatbot, which adds more personality to its existence? Naming the bot also boosts the confidence of the users and makes them initiate requests without being lost. Ensure more natural communication by adding an appropriate bot name.

3. Establish Bot Avatar:

Establishing a bot avatar is another important tip you should not miss while customizing Chatbots for ecommerce sites. You can assign a gender to the bot and create an attractive image that seems friendly and approachable. You should also set the tone and speech of the bot according to the expected scenarios. It will add more character and personality to their existence. It will boost the rate of online queries and resolution, as users will be comfortable with asking questions.

4. Add Tagline:

Adding a tagline is another crucial tip you can follow to customize Chatbots for your ecommerce sites. You can develop taglines that are not specifically about the bot but about your brand and service. The bot represents your brand, so it should stress and highlight the same. Taglines will also attract the attention of the users and make them confident about starting the conversation. Ensure all aspects of visual appearance and chat align with your brand values.

5. Highlight Trigger Events:

One of the most crucial tips to keep in mind while customizing bots for ecommerce sites is highlighting the trigger events. There can be cases when the bot is unable to understand the query or respond to it properly. Moreover, there can also be cases where users do not want to interact with bots but with human agents. You must establish some trigger points and give the command to bots. Ensure the bot can immediately notify the agents and get them to respond in case of a trigger.

6. Set Priority for Bot and Agent: 

The last and most crucial tip you must follow to customize Chatbots is setting priority for bots and agents. You cannot simply rely on bots at all times, and human agents have to step in for added guidance. However, setting the marks where bots and agents need to respond and when bots need to hand over chat to an agent is crucial. You can do so by setting a few commands. You can let expert design the perfect bots with the overall platform and help you stand out among competitors.

Do you need help with customizing Chatbots for ecommerce sites?

Firstly, you need to establish a perfectly functional ecommerce platform and site. After that, you can add personalized and customized Chatbots to improve the quality of experience of online users. If you are not too confident about your skills, hire professional web services to take care of everything and help you improve the experience your offer to users.

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